Welcome to our Blog

By Denise on 2014-04-01, 7045 views
Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the TheHoroscope.co Blog. This is the place where we will bring all latest announcements related to the website and to various subjects related to zodiac signs and other topics from this amazing world of astrology.

TheHoroscope.co tries to create a place where you can find all the information ever described about zodiac signs and other astrology topics but also a place where people can debate on various subjects astrology related. All of this in a user friendly website with a clean, pleasing to the eye, airy interface that would make the browsing, reading and socializing experience as pleasant as possible.

Why purple? Why the other colors? We feel that this special shade of purple is mysterious and revealing, just as the content of the whole website. We hope you will enjoy its use in the pages. You probably noticed that each zodiac sign has been associated with a certain color. Be sure this is the legend we decided to use and that every time you come across a certain color on any page you will know it belongs to a certain zodiac sign. All twelve of them are different and quite easy to remember.

Did you know that statistics say about 60% of people have at least once been interested in reading their horoscope and that most people know which is their zodiac sign in the Western zodiac. Not to mention that many people are interested in reading as many things as possible about their zodiac sign at a certain point in their life. Why not have them all in the same place? We aim to provide you two types of daily horoscopes, information on each zodiac sign and even a complete description of each of the 366 birthdays in the year. Beside this, there are the special social spaces where you can debate your opinions.

Who are we? We are a young team with many aspirations that we tried to put in practice by changing the way you view zodiac signs and horoscopes within TheHoroscope.co. We hope that not only the information you will find on the website will make you come back again but also the design that is refreshingly clean. We just wanted to create a space that combines the utility of the many zodiac sign descriptions with the simplicity of a design that will not tire or bore the users.

We are sure you will easily get used to the purple format and keep it in mind for the next time you will want to get your horoscope or to read something about astrology. Just remember we stop at .CO We are as pretentious as you are and so we try to update the site every time something new and interesting comes up.

Were remarkable but in the same time nothing in the world is perfect so we need your help to be even more remarkable. We are doing our best to gather only the best astrological information for you from the first page you enter TheHoroscope.co up to the last in the entire website. And there are a lot of pages, believe me.

We welcome criticism if it helps us be better and more concise. The internet is already full of information; we aim to bring you to a place in which you will find the complete answer to your enquiry. We aim to be more remarkable than we already are, day by day by enriching the content of the website to your suggestions.

How can we keep in touch?

This is the moment when I introduce myself. Hello, I’m Denise and I’ll be your host whenever you feel like saying hello through the contact form (the friendly version of our office address). So we will keep in touch here. Don’t worry it’s a free of spam address and I really look forward to its inbox getting flooded with feedback from users. Praise or criticism, I take them all, as there are all good signs that you are there, our work has reached its destination. I sure try to answer each one of your emails as soon as I receive them.

If you don’t fancy writing letters we can be friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on Tumblr. They were the first ones to know about us, we are there, too, waiting for your feedback.

We are also very curious and active so when we finish reading, answering e-mails and making friends on social networks we are sure to be found in the comment sections of our articles, ready to interact with you.

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