Aries Taurus Cusp Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 42465 views

This is a perfect match of masculine and feminine. A good balance can be expected between sentimental, loyal, and loving Aries/Taurus and humble, sympathetic, kind Pisces. With a Pisces, Aries/Taurus can feel safe and allow her to see his vulnerabilities without fear of judgment. But they have to be careful with each other.

When the Zodiac's most masculine meets the most feminine, sparks will surely fly. Strong, fiery but steady, a man born on the Aries/Taurus Cusp will be the perfect match for a Pisces woman, soft, emotional, and fluid. This relationship won't be easy, and if were being honest no relationship is, but if these two work together they will find a perfect balance.

Those born on the Aries/Taurus Cusp will experience aspects of both signs, which can balance some of the negative characteristics associated with both signs, especially when it comes to love.

An Aries man can be arrogant, struggling to acknowledge even his smallest shortcomings, as well as overwhelmed by the need to control his relationship, to fully possess his partner in some cases. But a Taurus man is more passive in love, he seeks a strong woman who will lead the relationship, he's stubborn but not blind to his own weaknesses.

An Aries/Taurus Cusper will be more open to acknowledging his needs and weaknesses, he'll have a more balanced approach to love – not seeking to control or to be controlled. But he may be even more stubborn than the Bull.

The needs of Pisces woman

A Pisces woman will let him take control, which is good considering someone born an Aries/Taurus Cusper is born a leader. She’ll be happy to, in fact, and all she wants in return is to be truly cared for.

Be sweet to this girl - as you probably already know she’s all smiles, sympathy, and kindness and she needs a little bit of that in return. Even if she’s strong emotionally, physically, or she’s basically one of the guys, it’s likely this girl is all sugar and femininity on the inside and even if she’s not so much, a male Aries/Taurus Cusper is likely to bring out any woman’s femininity. So be careful, while she’s more than happy to let you be her big, strong man don’t overwhelm her or trample her feelings or desires - things always key when dating a Pisces.

Her passive, sympathetic nature will encourage an Aries/Taurus to be arrogant or selfish. This is simply a part of an Aries’ nature but when in a relationship with a Pisces woman it may flourish, obviously in negative ways.

And while she may seem fine, still all smiles and sympathy, yet on the inside she’s falling apart, consumed by Aries’ fire and defeated by Taurus’s stubborn nature.

Honesty vs. elusiveness

When in a relationship with a Pisces, you absolutely must consider her needs and feelings, even if she is not speaking up, if everything seems fine, you must check on her. But also, she needs to learn to stand up for herself and make her needs known. It’s likely she’ll be very in tune with her partner, as this comes naturally to her, and she may expect her partner to find it just as easy.

A Pisces girl probably needs to thicken her skin, especially in a relationship with bold and brash Aries/Taurus. She may be vulnerable to suggestion as well, making for a very delicate individual in a relationship with a very strong one.

With all of her kindness she’s likely to attract a lot of attention. It’s important that an Aries/Taurus to be understanding, not jealous; this may threaten to tear the relationship apart. Aries/Taurus, do your best to be understanding and give her some space.

Give a Pisces some space and she’ll always come right back to you, push her and she’ll flee. She’s still yours, she still loves you, but it is her calling to help others.

Taurus is known for his focus on honesty and fact, while Pisces finds truth to be a feeling. Her dependence, procrastination, and elusive, if not secretive, nature will sometimes make an Aries/Taurus Cusper want to shake her. He’ll need to learn patience fast.

These two will experience a strong sexual attraction due to their masculine and feminine qualities, nature as Earth and Water signs, and the passion of Fire and emotion of Water.

They will truly love each other and if they can find balance their relationship will blossom and grow.

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