Aries and Aries Compatibility

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 30044 views

A relationship between two Aries is bound to be fiery! The problem with same sign relationships arises when two people are too similar, which, when you consider their whole Astro Charts, may not even be an issue. But there will be some areas in which they are too similar and others where their similarities allow the relationship to truly flourish.

Independence and a bit of tension

An Aries will understand that their partner needs to be independent and in control, and they won’t hold it against them. As the Sign of the Self, Aries can be very selfish, so it’s key that they make concessions in the relationship.

These two will actively compete with one another, which is fine and can actually help the relationship as long as it remains good natured. It’s important that their competitiveness does not taint their communication or bleed into areas it really shouldn’t be in (don’t compete financially, or with the children, etc).

Aries can fight like no other, so two Aries need to be careful not to let anger overcome their entire relationship. These two can be very love-hate, which is not healthy at all and will quickly create a routine in the relationship - which you do not need - especially because they’ll enjoy the passion and tension and making up afterwards, but that doesn’t make it healthy.

Communication above all

Aries aren’t known for holding grudges which will help in the long run. These two can become addicted to one another and the passionate instability that the relationship may be based on, and that’s not good.

Communication is so important in this relationship. There needs to be give and take, balance, in this relationship. It may be too hard for an Aries to balance their power with another as they want full control for themselves.

As always, your Sun Sign is only one part of the equation - you have to consider your Moon and Rising Signs, the position of Venus and Mars as well. Really your whole chart.

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