Gemini and Leo Compatibility

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 28680 views

This is overall regarded as a harmonious match. Together they would make for a playful, fun, and flirtatious relationship. Leo’s outgoing nature and creativity will definitely keep Gemini interested, while Gemini’s humor and desire for adventure will do the same for Leo. Problems may arise if they fail to take each other seriously, or take each other too seriously.

Two forces combined

They both are known for their high energy, so they’ll be able to handle each other and their sometimes wild plans. Leo can help Gemini be decisive if they start to vacillate, but if they become to bossy it will turn Gemini off. And Leo can take arguments, even discussions, far more personally than Gemini, easily becoming offended or hurt by Gemini’s silver tongue.

Leo is a fixed sign and Gemini mutable, this may cause some issues as well. Leo can be stubborn and set in their ways which Gemini may find off-putting or difficult to handle, and Gemini can be too extreme in their ability to change which even Leo may not be able to handle.

Flirt vs. commitment

While both are very flirtatious, Leo can become jealous and possessive of a Gemini if they feel the flirtation is going too far. But this flirtation will also be helpful in making a Leo feel good and appreciated by their partner, and a Gemini feel amused.

Plus, the sex will likely be just as fun as every other aspect of the relationship. These two just need to be careful that they’re on the same page. Leo will probably want full commitment when a Gemini still isn’t sure or ready.

But your Star Sign doesn’t say everything about the relationship. It’s important to consider your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, and Dominant Sign as well as the positions of Venus and Mars in a relationship, they will give you insight into how a person loves, their sexuality, and passion.

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