Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 30027 views

I’ve read that relations between Virgo and Aquarius can be rough, but I’m not fully sold. I believe they would be good friends but a romantic relationship could be harder to establish.

Honestly, these two signs could either bring out the worst or the best in one another. It’s all a matter of relishing in their differences or letting those differences come between them.

Two forces combined

Innately, Aquarius is strange and unique, out of the box in every way, which structured Virgo may find off-putting, if not intimidating. Virgos tend to take control of relationships and partners, seeking to make the relationship perfect, but often hurting it instead.

And Aquarius needs a lot of space and freedom in their relationships, they are very independent and can even be afraid of commitment. They may not see eye to eye: Aquarius flowing freely with no schedule or set goal, Virgo taking a step by step approach to life and actively setting goals and making schedules. Aquarius cannot stand routine while Virgo can’t live without it.

Aquarius can be stubborn as a fixed sign, which Virgo will find difficult, and both signs are very opinionated and have their own causes which can make for either be a beautiful and powerful combination when they unite or chaos if they do not. But both signs are able to adjust: Virgo, being a mutable sign, can adapt to most situations and will certainly do so in love and Aquarius, while resistant to change, is always open to new ways of doing things as long as they can see the worth in it.

They have similar views on love and relationships, though. Virgos take their time in relationships and want to wait and be patient which is good for this relationship because it can take a lot of time for an Aquarian to truly open up. Both are also the type that once they’ve formed a bond with someone to love them for the rest of their lives.

Both value intellect and communication, the mental side of this relationship is guaranteed to be good. While each have very different ways of thinking and communicating, they each can appreciate a different way of viewing the world and can easily come to admire one another.

Romance and intimacy

But when it comes to sex things may get complicated: though Aquarius is known for their wild abandon, they usually don’t bring this to the bedroom and that actually could hurt this relationship. They are often mechanical when making love, turning it into a duty rather than an enjoyable, spontaneous act of love.

While the Virgin symbolizes Virgo, it doesn’t mean that Virgos don’t know their way around sex. They, unlike Aquarius, truly seek to make sex into an intimate, compassionate, act of love. They are charming and flirty and can easily loosen up any Aquarius. But they still may fall into the habit of trying to make plans or set dates or sex, which won’t help this relationship.

In short, a romantic relationship between a Virgo and Aquarius can be very difficult but never impossible. It’s important to remember that while the stars and planets influence our lives they do not fully control us or set our destiny. Also your Star Sign and even the position of Venus in your Astro Chart is only one small piece of the puzzle.

If you’re seeking a relationship with a specific Virgo or Aquarius you should check out your full chart and even compare yours with them - it’s very helpful!

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Lavinia Amoun, Astrological Compatibility Writer

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