Recall: Were the predictions of the Libra horoscope right for April 25?

Libra Daily Horoscope thoughts

All the Libra daily horoscopes offer you the astrological prediction of a certain date. This means you are informed of what is likely to happen to the Libra people on that day.

For instance, Libra today, April 25 was supposed to be quite a difficult day for Libra women or Libra men because they had to control their emotions. Was this your case? Was there any event in which you almost broke down and showed how you really feel despite of all common sense prompting you not to do that?

Ever wondered why no Libra zodiac ever follows back at the end of the day to check how much of the Libra horoscope matched the day? We do it. So, how was April 25 for you, dear Libra?

Vote how accurate was the Libra daily horoscope for today!

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