Your opinion matters: How should be today May 23 2014 the Taurus horoscope?

Taurus Daily Horoscope say so

Today’s Taurus horoscope May 23 2014 sais that Taurus natives are having quite an observant day in which they can see in a different view what is really going on in their lives and they should take advantage of this day to discern the good from the bad. They are also highly intuitive in recognizing the intentions of others.

Do you find this prediction realistic? Do you think is there any chance for this to apply to your day? The stars are said to influence our lives but it is more important what we do and the way we react to what happens to us because these are the things that truly determine the outcome of our day.

You make your own Taurus horoscope, how is it today May 23 2014?

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