Aquarius April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 2907 views

This might not be a particularly exceptional month but as long as tasks are being resolved, relax time is respected and you get to spend some quality moments with those you love, then you are all set.

April will start in force for you though but things will mellow as the days go by, you won’t be too sad about this either because you have other priorities too.

Perhaps you are chasing your own emotions or you want to better understand yourself, in any case, you will spend a lot of time during the first week trying to answer all kinds of existential questions or just procrastinating.

A sparkling idea might come out of this so I won’t condemn this time entirely. Plus, if you exaggerate with it you will have those around you to trigger the alarm and the punishment of having to explain yourself to them will be enough.

Working around limitations

Your aspirations are strong though and this is why you may not be able to focus on one thing. And the stars are not really set to bring you clarity either, for example Mars is not in the best company with Saturn shadowing it and not allowing it to help you out.

Therefore expect some roadblocks or things that were coming out nicely to be abruptly interrupted for no particular reasons and with no chance for you to intervene.

This might also mean that you cannot exaggerate anything, from feelings to the way you behave in public, for a while because you will be caught red handed and your whole image risks suffering more than you can tell now.

You are being stuck in this for the first two weeks of the month and once you’ll be able to break free from convention, another type of havoc will be unleashed.

These limitations though will help you work on your negotiation and diplomacy skills and you’ll probably come up with lots of strategies to behave the way you want but to not make it in a public manner or suffer the attached consequences.

How you like to pretend

If you are dreaming about a spontaneous passion taking your life as a storm you can continue dreaming because the closer single natives are going to get to love is if one of their long standing friendships transforms into something else. So don’t look out for attractive strangers because this is not such a month.

But there is also the risk of your driving people away with your smug attitude, something you might do on purpose this April, just for fun or in order to pretend you are better and feed your ego with their hurt reactions.

Just remember, that one day you’ll probably bump into someone practicing the same game as you and that time you will be the one hurt. 

What do you actually feel

You will also be feeling as if family issues are clouding your judgment so you won’t really be grown up about this and prefer to ignore them altogether rather than risk having them destroy your fragile balance.

Some things are going to go straight through the stomach and you’ll be inclined to vouch for anyone bringing you delicious food in the second half of the month. Quite selfish of you, isn’t it? Well, as long as others indulge it, you will continue.

However, it seems that around the 20th you might have to be patient and wait for a particular result, something that will see you go through stages of enthusiasm, waiting, patience, understanding and then directly frustration and rage.

And you’ll probably take it on people around you, whether they have an involvement in the matter or not.

Avoid complications

Mercury is tonic for you and prompts you to pour extra energy into sports and activities alike but avoid travelling, especially long distance because complications may occur, due to your lack of attention or for reasons beyond your control.

Towards the end of the month you might be involved into selling or buying important items, perhaps a particular collection and you’ll be very proud of your involvement in the matter.

Another reason to be smug but also a good occasion to meet special people, people you can compare with and that can bring you with your feet on the ground for a while.

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