Aquarius April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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A mixture of positive and negative influences will descend upon you this April but you will find that most aspects actually carry good auspices. The stars will put a greater emphasis on your relationship with your family and someone dear may require a great chunk of your time for support and advice.

There is also time for a bit of drama and for playing the victim, especially if you have gotten yourself involved with a bit of romantic intrigue. You will want to come out of this as someone who’s gotten confused and succumbed to temptation.

Whatever you don’t like, don’t do it to others – should be this April’s motto as you will need to stay away from hurting the feelings of others, or else you will also feel the kicks.

As the month will draw to a close, your sensitivity will increase and you may end up easily offended by mundane, apparently innocent, remarks. This is not a time of conflict and aggression so there is no way you can come out a winner out of such instances.

With the Sun in Aries, you are more energetic than usual but unless this is coupled with self-confidence, you are not benefiting from the full positive experience. You will be more prone to working hands-on and on getting stuff done the first time around.


Enhance! This month is about slow progress and ensuring you respect every detail. You will find it tedious at start but you will soon realize this is the way to go. This will ensure you avoid any unwanted obstacles.

Too much mental activity

You can blame this April for a lot of things but you can’t say it doesn’t start in full force. With Sun conjunct Mercury, your mind will be on fire.

You are connecting the dots faster than everyone else. Such a shame you will then need to spend time to explain your ideas.

This month will challenge you to build rapport with the most unlikely of people, from very important business partners to small children in your family. Of course, the instances will be different, but the end goals will be similar for you.

During your moments of peace and quiet, you will be inclined to think about karmic aspects and to analyse your behaviour thoroughly. Saturn is not being very nice with you and is pushing your thoughts in this rather self-destructive direction.

Don’t fall into the trap of overdoing this, especially if you also notice a tendency of reminiscing past episodes too. There is a limit to how much you can control the effects of your actions and surely you can never please everyone.

Towards the middle of the month you are more inclined towards superficial aspects, which is actually good, given the recent turn of your thoughts. You will succumb to shopping temptations and will seek to replicate the satisfaction provided by indulging yourself in various aspects of your life.


Watch out! Gossip, whether about you or originating from you, is going to be your biggest enemy this April. The effects of a bad mouth on the loose will most likely be seen in the second half of the month and may accompany you through to May.

Making the best out of everything

Whilst most will dread a Mercury retrograde, you are proving again you are one of a kind by enjoying a rather interesting relationship with this moody planet.

Surely, you will be predisposed to some minor mistakes and may suffer the results of some dreaded misunderstandings, but as a whole, you are actually in a better position than others when it comes to negotiations and bringing out ideas into the world.

Small victories at work will give you more trust in your financial woes, so this is the best time to finally make peace with debt and other expenditures.

You may even build up some sort of support system (with the help of friends and family) to prevent you from succumbing to the same costly temptations, later in the future.

Sun conjunct Uranus between the 16th and the 20th brings some blessings in disguise in the form of domestic challenges. Your perceptions will be fought against and unless you change something in your routine, you will be in for trouble.

This is usually a freeing aspect but in your case, freedom can only come after you have battled what keeps you down and after you have proven you can hold significant responsibility.


Astrological aspect of the month: The New Moon on April 15th may promise more than it can deliver. Not every native can drop everything and build a fresh start. However, you are in no way prevented from making the best out of small transformations in your life.

Deep in the game

You may be insisting on pursuing a love strategy that is not going to harvest the best results, especially around the 22nd.

On the other hand, the positive Jupiterian influences makes up for your sloppy moments. Squaring your sign throughout the whole month, you are prompted by this expansive planet to act in a rather disciplined and persistent manner.

You are managing to balance both work and home aspects and don’t feel more tired or less interested. Younger people in your family are going to show themselves most satisfied with your attention.

Relationships with neighbours also improve and you may find yourself closer to them than ever before. There may still be something nagging you however; any trace of hypocrisy will be a major turn off.

There may be some opportunities of personal growth peeking towards the 24th, perhaps due to some changes at work. If there are some sort of legal matters to be clarified before things can progress, surely you will be at the forefront of getting stuff done.

You may want to stay away from dubious actions, because it seems that in your case, the end goal will not excuse the means. Tone down on this newly found competitiveness of yours.


TOP TIP of the month: Know how to dose your energy this month and you will be on a winning strike. With Venus in a difficult aspect for you, achieving success in matters of the heart will be tricky business. After the 24th, however, most of your efforts are going to be sweetly rewarded.

The dreaded social influence

You may want to stay away from what others are talking around the 25th because this may have a rather destabilizing effect on you. Best to say your confidence is not at an all high so you don’t want it to dip further.

Also, it appears that you are more prone to listening to your anxious feelings and to giving way to all sort of obsessions. No matter how much your friends will try to show you the half full side of the glass, you will be obsessing over the half empty side.

Continuing on the same note, you need to stay away from big thoughts and big dreams during the last week of April so you don’t get further disappointed. This is a regular time with nothing out of the ordinary happening but your expectations are of a flurry of experiences.

With Mars in your neighboring sign, Capricorn, for the duration of April, you should be extracting a lot of fighting energy. During the moments your mind is clear you actually are building up strategic plans but this is not happening as much as it should.

Your social life will be very animated by the Full Moon on the 29th, but some past tensions are going to sip through the cracks. You will be easily annoyed but at the same time easily pleased with what is happening around.

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