Aquarius April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-03-24, 4342 views

Try to take advantage of the majority of positive moments that you will benefit from, this April. It is important for you to organize your time effectively and leave enough for both work and fun.

Only in this way will your life be harmonious in April and you will be pleased with yourself. You shouldn’t have to forget about family, you can visit them even by surprise.

Do not throw your head forward when it comes to love, at least not in April. You will most likely be enchanted by the beautiful words of someone very charming but if something looks like it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

Don’t be naïve but don’t be aloof either, give people chances and watch your back. The journey, especially around the middle of the month, will be quite exciting.

The daily grind might be made more bearable by good company on certain days and you might forge a new friendship. This might also put you in the position to learn something new or even to network for professional purposes as well.

April highlights

During the first week of April you are struggling hard to keep the lead in a business or a major personal project from, and even if the financial potential motivates you very much, there are certain issues that are demoralizing you.

Stay strong in positions, even if the pressure is getting bigger! This personal project may take several weeks or even months, so get ready for a long race!

Saturn and Pluto will be with you so keep in mind that no matter how much you exasperate about a problem, it is temporary and the end will definitely be a success!

Luck is on your side: in the twelfth hour, an influential person will give you the help, and everything will work out. You just have to ... have little patience!

Some travels are on the horizon and might be as demanding as the rest of your tasks this month. You're lucky with an energy infusion from the New Moon in Aries, that debuts on the 5th, so you'll have enough resources to get past all the hindrances!

A special joy will bring you, around the 20th, the second astral event of the Moon, the Full Moon. This is when you are likely to receive some signals that clearly you are on the right track!

The same day it's time to take action if you wanted to take an initiative for some time but did not have the courage. Get your heart in your teeth and go all the way! The stars are on your side!

From April 27th to April 30th, your heart will beat stronger than usual because you will have the most romantic time of the month. Enjoy the spring and all the surprises the stars have prepared for you!

Aquarius love horoscope for April

Prepare yourself for a month of April full of adventures and passion, because the stars offer you an aura of eroticism that you can use to seduce, and that is guaranteed. You will be tempted to start a hot affair without sentimental implications, and if you already have a relationship, the time has come for sexual experimentation.

It is good to find ways to communicate with your loved one so you can compose your energies to solve all the consuming tasks that occur this April.

You will still be able to remember and reactivate certain activities that will gladly remind you of the beginnings of your relationship, discovering that the spark has not been lost and that it still feeds on your love affair, especially around the middle of the month.

Your love story continues, and even if you can hardly share your time in this direction, your competitive way of being committed to your life partner will help in this month to allow you some relaxation in two or even with your entire family in well-known environments that do not require sophisticated planning.

Towards the end of the month, the dynamic of the relationship is straightforward but involves some budget spending or money borrowed from others, and if things go wrong, at least one of you may have to take some action mitigating costs, otherwise you may end up in a tricky position.

Career progress this month

Professionally, there are no major events for you in April 2019. It is rather a good time for planning, for a balance sheet, to gather your strengths to come back into contact with the inner resources needed for radical career changes.

It's not a good time to come forward but rather to act shyly, discreetly behind the scenes, or to ruminate on what has happened in your professional life lately.

From a financial point of view, things are fine, especially until the 21st of the month. But caution is advised, because you could be fooled into investing in something that is not worth or investing too much at once. It is not advisable to borrow for such matters, especially not from friends or family.

During the second half of the month you may have more business trips or more lively negotiations with a partner or business partner. You need to be patient and not to make hasty conclusions, especially around the 23rd.

It is also time to revise your future projects. You may also find yourself in need to review some of your collaborations and projects that until yesterday you were enthusiastic about.

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