Aquarius April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Sharing ideas with your sibling or close relatives about the changes that may be knocking on your door this month will bring you a different learning experience and perspective in your life.

Avoid confrontations as emotions might get in the way; cooperation will be required. Your work area will require adjustments, as the differences will be abundant.

Rapid action can be harmful, so a friendly approach might be the best way. Worrying about future goals will bother you, but listening to your inner feelings will guide you. Also, keep an open mind because future material rewards could be on the horizon.

Try to take advantage of this positive period. It is important for Aquarius to organize time efficiently as to allow time for both work and fun. Only in this way will your life be harmonious in April and you will be content and happy.

April highlights

At the start of April, you are advised to keep a clearer record of your budget. During the first week of the month you show spontaneity in relation to your life partner and, or children, and if you are alone, there are more chances to flirt.

During or around the 6th, you enjoy a very good mood, but something happens to you at the subconscious level, which can come out when you least expect it.

Day by day, there may be differences between you and some people in your family. From the 13th onwards, you are more communicative than usual, but you may be in a hurry with some statements.

During or around the 24th, expect unpleasant news or some gossip about you happens during this period. In addition, family tensions may be waiting for you.

From the 28th on, however, you communicate more effectively with your close relatives. It would be advisable to be careful what attitude you display in relation to your loved ones.

Aquarius love horoscope for April

Mercury, the governor of the Aquarius intimacy house, passes through the communication house during the two middle weeks of the month, and the Sun, your governor of the house of relations and marriage, crosses the same house until the 19th. This astral context facilitates dialogue on sensitive topics of couple's life.

Some Aquarius know how to reach the soul of the loved one and get closer to it, thus strengthening their romantic relationship, simply with the use of some charming words.

However, everyone should be careful because after the 24th, some topics could cause tension or even quarrels. These include the direction in life or career or management of common money. Pack yourself a great deal of patience and remain flexible and correct, no matter the situation.

With the entrance of the Sun into the family home, past and emotional roots, it would be good to take care of the foundations on which to build your marriage, or to establish a family in the true sense of the word.

If you feel like a firefighter at home, it would be good to ask yourself what you are missing in order to feel at home with your partner in life. The transit of this period facilitates the approximation and finding solutions for the consolidation of life in the couple.

During the month of April single Aquarians are drawn to those looking for a serious and comfortable relations and so pursue relationships that lead to something stable. On the other hand, a sentimental relationship started during this period could help you heal an older wound.

Career and finances

The natives of this sign feel confident at the beginning of this month and want to achieve what they have set out on all levels, both personal and professional.

Important discussions can be held during the first week and you may find that people are paying a lot more attention to you right now.

Be careful during the second week to any gossip you are part of and don’t let yourself driven away by such discussions because you can never be certain who you can trust.

Some financial improvement could be noticed during the third week but make sure you put some money aside and don’t spend it all. Be wary of negotiations and of signing up for new tasks before you know all the details involved because you might end up with something on your plate that is too big and overwhelming.

Health status

There are no particular health problems for most of the natives this month but you still need to be careful to what you are eating and to avoid excesses of any kind.

An older concern about a health issue may be stressing you out at the end of the month but it may as well be that all is in your imagination. It is preferable to turn to real specialists and not to treat yourself with untested remedies.

On the other hand, a friend of a friend or a distant relative could come up with some recommendations that you might not overlook.

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