Aquarius April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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In the month of April, the stars are competing to put you in exhausting situations, from both a mental and a physical point of view. The energy deployed is going to be convincing and exceed your limits.

As a consequence, you might end up in situations that will be more than you would ever expect them to be. You might experience toe cramps and heartburn as you will test yourself in relation to how much fire you have when taking action.

But since you’re an Aquarius, things don’t actually last with you. You will find ways to start things nicely with meditation and inviting your friends to parties. For April, there will be the powerful influences influencing all Aquariuses.

Jupiter, which has been filling you is going to continue with expanding and bringing original ideas that are favoring the relationships with other people. The planet is going to conjunct Neptune for the 2nd fortnight, which means it will get carried away by the means of overconfidence, playing more than a trick on the natives, who will have to give importance to their natural intuition, with the planetary conjunction, which will increase.

They will have to be very careful if making any important decision, as allowing euphoria to carry them away might be wrong. Furthermore, there will be some difficulties with the surroundings, as Venus is going to be bothering for the 1st fortnight. Have patience.

April 2022 Highlights

The profession is going to become very complicated during this time period, as Pluto, the profession planet will be in the astral disposition called “the cube”, giving more prominence than usually, representing the means in which you want your life to be lifted.

The only issue is that most planets remain under your chart’s horizon, diminishing the interest in things, and Pluto in retrograde will cause some difficult aspects. You must be patient and hurry slowly, believe that your career is going to take a positive turn on the underground scene.

Do whatever you can and focus on family life and the emotional harmony. When having the right emotions, your answers will arrive. Your 4th House of family and home will probably be the Horoscope’s most powerful for this month. 40-50% of planets will be there or transit the sector the more the month is going to progress.

So, this month is perfect for improving house and family relationships. You can develop your psychic abilities and face your first experiences and memories. Mars will continue in the Water Bearer’s 4th House until April 13th. This period will be good for renovations and construction works if these are needed.

Be focused on the genius. The relationships with little ones will improve when starting to communicate better, after April 13th. Don’t be very harsh and keep a moderate tone.

The Aquarius’ two love planets, Venus and the Sun, will also pass through the sign’s 4th House, so the period will be excellent for making the house more beautiful, buying all sorts of decoration elements, and even wallpapers or objects of art.

There will be many parties and family gatherings, but some of them might be stormy. With the power movement through the 4th House, there’s also the misplacement of power starting in the Eastern sector and ending in the Western sector.

You will have to impose your will and be independent, do things the way you want, and no longer allow others to take a stance against you. You will enter a period in which you will need to have more developed social skills, cultivate your goodwill and collaborate with others.

Adapt as much as you can, learn to adapt if need be. Your personal limits have been reached and you most likely need other people in your life. This will change the entire game, so you’ll need a new set of skills to play the game.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for April

Mars in the sign of Aquarius in square with the planet Uranus in the 4th House of the Aquarius on the 7th, is indicating there will tensions around the native as a result of domestic problems. Some discussions in the family may appear as well.

However, the Sun entering the 4th House of the Aquarius on the 19th is indicating that there will be conflicts that will get successfully resolved, by implementing ingenious and original solutions, with Uranus in the 4th House.

It should be noted that Mercury is also going to enter the 4th House of the Water Bearer, on the 27th, where there will be the New Moon in Taurus, on the 22nd. This is a configuration that refers to moving, purchasing a home, going on a family trip, or remodelling an area in the home.

From the 11th and until the 27th, the planet Mercury is going to pass over the 3rd House of the sign of Aquarius, transit that’s going to be used for clearing up misunderstandings with neighbours and siblings, as well as people in the proximity.

Remember that Eros, which is the asteroid of lust, is going to enter the sign’s 3rd House, on the 12th, encouraging a love story with someone from close by. For those who are in a couple, Eros’s travel is going to send to enjoying games of intellectuality as a flirting part.

Finally, the planet Venus arriving in the 5th House of the sign on the 3rd is going to improve the native’s creative inspiration, propitiating any opportunity for a love connection. Vesta in the 5th House is indicating that affection is going to be aimed at someone spiritual or shy.

Venus in the same House is going to favor relationships with little ones and those who are subordinates, making it easier for respect and climate to be fostered, something that’s going to motivate sharing dreams, hopes, and concerns.

Note that on the 4th, Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto will happen in the Aquarius’s 12th House. This is an aspect that’s referring to understanding past events and what consequences these have.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Neptune in the Aquarius’s 2nd House is promoting the strangest environment as far as the financial realm goes. You have to pay attention not to lose any of your money, spend it without thinking, or be the victim of theft, as the star has some consequences.

In the same manner, you’re going to have new fantasies and illusions that are going to allow the improvement of work. This wouldn’t be the best cover when it comes to making decisions. Nothing will be clear, as things will remain unstable, so be careful.

The period is going to offer more than a single opportunity for the natives of Aquarius to increase their income. With the Taurus, differences in the temperament will be marked, but these aren’t going to influence what results are obtained between partners.

Both Aquarius and Libra will enjoy their social life, which will make the dealings with suppliers and clients easier. If there’s the chance of closing any deal with the Scorpio, the best idea would be to extend the period for a day or two.

Aquarius will have a friends’ group with whom they can try opening a business that brings plenty of benefits. The panorama between planets doesn’t do any good if the Aquariuses have their mind and workspaces in chaos, as they will lose some papers, no longer know when their due dates are, and end up accusing their colleagues of their own mistakes.

From the 7th and until the 21st, Mercury in the sign of Aries indicates that obstacles are going to fade away, making things seem easier. Impediments are going to resume on the 22nd.

Don’t mix business with friendship for the cycle’s last section. In this area of life, Aquarius natives will be able of functioning free, with absolutely no hindrance or discomfort. Those of them who are dedicating themselves to any new business venture or start a project on their own, the stars will be by their side.

The results are going to be good, yet not in every case, and at least the natives will notice them on the spot. They will have to wait for some time before any positive consequences will appear and bring some enthusiasm. Good ideas are going to be welcome if working.

Your Wellbeing This Month

For the month of April, the emotional and physical will be short circuited. As a result of problems at home, the Aquarius will have some problems with their nervous system and, with some other complications, not eating much because they don’t feel like will weaken their system.

Intestinal problems are also going to mistreat them. In these situations, it’s important that they consume less veggie, soy-based, and brown rice products. The sky will be favorable for them to remain in good health.

However, learning how to wait and worrying more about other people can harm them. The areas that will be prone to not functioning properly are the digestive and circulatory ones.

Work your body, so be physical, especially if you want the excess tension to disappear. Flower therapy will be great for achieving physical and emotional balance.

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