Aquarius August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3372 views

There may be some days this month in which you will try to smile but that smile won’t be yours. But don’t worry too much about that because they will grossly be balanced by days of sunshine in and out and days in which you won’t really understand how you can be blessed with everything that is happening to you.

This August is also a time for you to think of where you are coming from, where you have been, what you have learned on the way and where you are headed.

There may be some moments in which you will prefer to detach yourself from the present and will try to seek shelter in your memories but you need to understand that this time, it won’t be as pleasurable as other times.

A lot of expectation from those around you during the first week of the month but instead of running away from this you should take a closer look and you will realize that all of that is actually doable and it was in your plan beforehand.

Stay close to others

Mars and Saturn are involved in a bit of a conspiracy when it comes to your plans and might help you get your merits recognized. It may not be anything too fancy or official, but surely you will get the right words from the right person.

Group activities are again benefited, so don’t hesitate to get involved in such matters, especially if there is that humanitarian component (that you like so much) to them.

Love is a battlefield for you as the month progresses and you need to be quick as at one point you may be in charge and then moments away, everything might be swirling uncontrollably.

Plus, you tend to add tensions in situations that are simply normal and with which you should simply get on with.

This is why Venus most likely advises you to be attentive and reflective and try to see beyond the surface in matters that may appear to be clear from the beginning but which are not actually what they seem.

Teaching others

What will be worth this month, especially during the second half is to get out there in search for your own luck. It seems that you will have to put a lot less effort in certain matters (than others or you other times) and you will see better results. It all, at this point, is a matter of trying.

What you should stay away from though, is risking your money because, as the current disposition looks on and with Mercury soon to retrograde, you are not in the happiest position to expect returns. So try to postpone important investment and stick to what you have.

You will also be able to use past experience, especially professionally, and might be put in the position to help others, either informally or during some kind of training. Of course this will feed into your self-esteem and you will start heightening your own expectations which is only healthy for your advancement.

What you do

There is a word of caution in this matter as well because you need to pay attention not to get on board with too much work. You need to keep a balance and there are enough people around to take on the load.

This is especially risky because around the 25th you benefit from a lot of energy and tend to make a lot of plans and start new things although you have no idea whether you will also be able to finish them.

You may be invited to some sort of family function and although you might not carry the best intentions at the beginning, it seems that you are too quick to make all kinds of scenarios in your mind.

A lot of energy

You are quite impulsive during this period as well and throw yourself out there with all your desires and ideas. At one point, this might become a bit tiring for those around but most likely, no one will say a word because they actually enjoy you at your best and don’t want to ruin that.

Stress created by these situations will only make itself felt later on, perhaps during September, when, the effects of this August stunt will also be felt in terms of health.

The end of the month, seems to bring closure though and you will actually be quite at peace with yourself and those around, preparing this as a good occasion to do something nice with your partner.

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