Aquarius August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3681 views

You seem to be more motivated than ever this August but at the same time, there may be some situations that will leave you not only doubting yourself, but also with a bitter taste. It seems that the more time you spend in the company of some people, the less you keep up with your objectives.

Perhaps the lesson you have to learn this month relates to who are the people who support you or at least send you good vibes and who are the people who drag you down, more or less in a direct fashion.

There may be days in which you will be distracted yourself, perhaps because you will be in the pursuit of some superficial matters. This is also a month of holidays and of shopping so you won’t be able to avoid all this.

Welcome on board

The very first days will raise a problem in your family life but it seems that with a bit of focus and diplomacy, you will not only get to the bottom of the whole thing very quickly, but you will also be able to sort it out.

You are keen to experience a particular thing that has been promised to you but it seems that there may be delays on that. Try to use the time you have in between and not just spend it waiting.

Around the 7th, there may be an occasion to shine at work, but this will mean that you will have to take some extra responsibilities, perhaps things you are not yet ready for.

And speaking about being ready, during this August, you won’t really be able to quantify your capacity so try to stay away from any attempts at self evaluation.

Abusing emotions

It seems the peak moodiness period for you will be around the 13th, when you don’t seem to accept anything that is being shown or given to you. No one will be able to understand or relate to your expectations.

Also, you might have the tendency to play the victim when you see that others don’t respond to your pleas. This will keep you in the spotlight, but of course, not for the right reasons.

On the other hand, you will probably practice new manipulating skills and will use your charm more than you have had the occasion in the past. This will be very useful on a different occasion, which might come up in the following month.

Revealing moments

If you need solutions to your problems, try to think about them in a relaxed manner. It seems that the stars won’t be willing to help you this August if you panic or worry.

Take things as they come and try to approach them as if they are no big deal. The more relaxed you are about certain matters, the easier it is going to be to come up with the right plan.

You may feel the need to ask others for help but it is best to consider that they either won’t want to be involved or will want to move things in their direction. You will be just fine by trying to solve things on your own.

Also, something revealing about a close person might change the way you view them and might put a conflict you have had with them in the past, in a different perspective now.

A material incentive

Rewards of significant financial value may be announced for you in the near future but you need to lay the right foundation. This means that you should embrace all opportunities that come your way during the last week of August.

It may be that you have to do some extra things or even learn a particular skill, something which will at first put you off the chance that is being offered to you.

Luckily, your family will support your plans and may even end up helping you with chores and other things you were supposed to do, so that you have enough time to pursue the new opportunity.

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