Aquarius August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-07-22, 5337 views

You will be surprised by the myriad of sources of inspiration around you this August and their influence may be felt in a variety of life aspects. You appear to be rather open to new perspectives and will not hesitate to try something new.

Be careful about too high expectations and about delaying things that really matter in your life, because you are trying to chase some illusive dream. Exaggerated behaviours will still be taxed this month, despite all the magic and enthusiasm that surrounds this August.

The most important lesson to learn has karmic potential and refers to the fact that you really need to give from yourself and perhaps even sacrifice something dear to you, in order to advance and to get as much as you want. Nothing will come for free, although at times, the prices you pay, may seem irrelevant to you.

The second half of the month may place you in a rather influential entourage, thus giving you some insider information and may help you with financial advancement.

Be careful though not to take any major risks and don’t let yourself carried away beyond what you can actually afford.


Enhance! For single natives, there is good news in the books and the potential of a new romance is particularly heightened during the second half of the month but those in this situation, will really need to keep their eyes open.

A tendency towards socializing

Social contact will be key to keeping yourself entertained and in a good mood so it is highly unlikely that you will be spending that much time on your own during the first two weeks of August.

The Venus trine Mars aspect debuting on the 7th will enhance your charisma and will ensure that you impress most of the people with whom you get in contact.

You may also find that you can use your charm and diplomacy to speak out for people in need and therefore, may end up in the spotlight with a pressing social matter.

The Venus square Saturn disposition that follows on the 9th may reflect somewhat negatively on how outgoing you are, perhaps you may come across some rather superficial people and will actually prefer to spend time with them.

This may in turn mean that you may attract the criticism of someone close in the family, regarding your ever so changing behaviour.


Watch out! You don’t want to be misjudged because of some momentarily temptations that you couldn’t resist so you might want to be very careful about the questionable behaviours that you are exhibiting these days.

The Solar Eclipse occurring on the 11th will promote more responsibility in the way you approach collaborations and may see you put the foundation of an important project. You might need the support of someone important and perhaps you will need to chase them.

It may even be that you will need to up your game and make certain promises in order to obtain what you need from this person.


TOP TIP of the month: This Solar Eclipse is also about debates and about breaking anything complex in easily digestible pieces. This will definitely be something that you will enjoy doing, especially as it will give you a sense of what you can improve.

Rather superficial challenges

Around the 19th of the month, under the favourable influence of the Jupiter Neptune trine, you are going to feel this need to give back to the community, although there may be some selfish tendencies of yours that are actually going to surface.

You are most interested in whatever gains you can obtain too and will not move a finger unless you are promised an experience of some kind.

Romance is also possible during this trine but will come under a veil of mystery so you will need to keep a really clear mind in order to discern between what is true and what is not.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Jupiter aspect occurring on the 28th will favour any plans you are thinking of for the autumn. The only word of caution refers to what you promise to others because you might not have that much time as you imagine these days.

As the month reaches its end, issues of control and authority may surface and some kind of power battle may occur in a close relationship of yours.

It is rather unlikely that this will involve your partner and more likely that it has to do with a friendship that you may have been neglecting.

Both you and your friend will attempt to prove value to the other, albeit in some rather superficial and questionable ways.

This is all happening under the Venus Pluto square, debuting on the 26th. Deep inside, this is evidence of some innate insecurities that both you and your opponent have been harbouring for a while now.

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