Aquarius August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Good things will hide where you don’t even think this August so try to pay more attention to the small details. Overall, this is one of those months in which you are going to keep a positive outlook and in which you will overcome easily whatever trials and tribulations life throws at you.

Those who want to work and take responsibilities will not feel any hardship, on the contrary, will find that they have dependable people around them, people they can count on.

August will bring many events to the professional area of ​​your life. Every Aquarius should be careful about this. You will have to be very careful about how you plan your days and will need to try not to take on board more than you can cope with.

If you manage to solve your tasks successfully, you will be greatly praised. It's enough to let go of your imagination and have a new idea when everyone did not expect that from you.

You will feel that you can do anything but do not lie on one ear because your personal life will be demanding some efforts off you, especially during the second half of the month.

Look closely at the past to understand the present. In love, freedom persists, you are more distant but you have moments when intimacy is increasing and romance appears.

August highlights

Aquarians have the opportunity to assert themselves at work and in their entourage, to recognize their true friends, allies, maybe even get in a situation in which to be forced to initiate a major change in their lives.

Some domestic issues may keep you awake at night because of the kind of tensions and conflict they bring out in the family. Have patience and look for the kind of professionals that can help you sort things out.

Around the 11th, you may need to lead a presentation or something similar and you will enjoy thoroughly your time in the spotlight. A friend of yours may face some challenge and you are going to be ready with all the best ideas to help them out.

In the course of or around the 21st, there are opportunities to collaborate or to increase the scope of some of your projects but be careful to how much you are willing to stretch financially because you are going to sort of let your enthusiasm rule over you.

Aquarius love horoscope for August 2019

Give yourself enough time to clarify any sentimental misunderstandings this August or else you might end up in a bit of a tricky situation.

This month you should try out a new perspective, a new approach before making long-term decisions!

The first week begins modestly for the sentimental life of Aquarius. Probably your responsibilities leave too little time to maintain a relational life to your liking.

You may also feel somewhat subordinate to your partner or deal with someone who is superior to you hierarchically. An idyll in the workplace is not excluded.

During the second half of August, the relational climate changes visibly for the better. Venus, the planet of love and good understanding, enters the house of the Aquarius couple, followed two days after by Mercury. Aquarius' relational life is now marked by chance, affection, harmony and communication.

After the 24th, you may finally enjoy some of the best moments of the month.

In one way or another, August draws Aquarians' attention to the importance of talking about feelings and keeping those close even closer.

Career progress this month

On a professional level, it seems like during this August, you get a lot more benefits through collaborations, associations or joint investments than by doing things all by yourself.

Clarification of your purpose in a particular business area will surface at the start of the month and it seems that your approach will be a lot more pragmatic than it has recently been.

Some natives, especially those who are not very happy with their present employment, will be quick to dream with their eyes open about a new job. Some opportunities might surface for those who try to enlist the help of other people.

With Mercury not being retrograde anymore right at the start of the month and with Jupiter also resuming its direct movement on the 11th, you will feel like the air at work is being clearer and there is suddenly, less pressure on you.

Many natives will be relieved to know exactly what is expected of them and some will even have more courage to take new risks and push their projects further.

Towards the end of the month, you might want to be careful about what you are spending your money on. It’s better to focus on personal development, perhaps invest in a course for yourself, rather than buy material things just because others have them and you want to show the same status.

Health and wellbeing

A good month for you from a health perspective. You will enjoy happy results on this aspect of your life – whether you are recovering from previous illness or trying to take on healthier habits.

Avoid hasty decisions and seek to carefully analyse things before acting, especially when it comes to your social life.

This is a month in which you can relax and enjoy the fruits that will come from the previous period. Some short travel might be in the books too and overall, you will enjoy a generous positive and joyful state.

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