Aquarius August 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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August will give you the peace you need - after a long time, everything will seem to be in the right place. Aquarius will enjoy this harmony a lot, but must be careful not to get too lazy.

You will also feel the need to create something and therefore to externalize your inner feelings. Let them out, you'll do great, whether it's through drawing or music or anything else you feel like doing.

August will bring many events to the professional area of ​​your life. Every Aquarius should pay attention to this. You will have problems that you will not be able to postpone.

If you manage to sort them out successfully, you will be praised. It's enough to let your imagination run wild and have a new idea, exactly when no one would expect it.

August 2020 highlights

The sun and other planets’ activity this month could lead to wonderful influences for you.

Some event occurring during the first week of August could make you think seriously about your relationship and consider sacrificing just a little of this independence for greater security and permanence. You will have memorable and pleasant experiences with your partner.

Taking care of your partner ensures your marital happiness. Financially, there are some difficulties in generating income, so you will have to reduce expenses as much as possible and give up some investments.

The Moon does not necessarily favor any fulminant professional evolution, but if you are a student, you will enjoy many successes.

Advice for key dates in August:

Around the 5th: You may need to sensibly navigate some tensions in the couple.

Around the 17th: Make sure everyone is on the same page before making any decisions at home.

Around the 20th: If something seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

Around the 26th: Be gentle with your significant other and their ideas.

Around the 30th: Leave instant gratification aside and look for long-term goals.

Aquarius love horoscope for August

Single Aquarians may develop a special interest in a stranger who may appear out of nowhere in their life; unfortunately, it can also disappear into nothingness, so don't have high hopes.

In old relationships, splits may occur; Depending on how you feel, it would be good to make some decisions that finalize certain things - either in a positive way or in a negative way - but there will be no room for wasting time.

Your temperament will be a little sensitive this month, but you will be able to find ways to get through the more difficult moments.

Career horoscope

Aquarius lays a stable foundation for work goals, clarifies their most productive partnerships, orients themselves towards a love life as serious as possible, more promising in the long run, and enjoys special achievements in the family.

It is not a good time for professional development; you need to focus on keeping it running, as well as recharging the batteries, which seem to be empty.

The income flow will be sufficient, but its management will be a bit difficult. You may need to intervene financially in favor of a loved one who needs substantial help.

Revenues will be constant and at a satisfactory level; there is no need to tempt fate, spending too much. It would be good to think about how you could save or invest the money earned wisely.

In the second part of the month there can be an exacerbation of impulsivity, aggression even, against the background of increasing ego. Try to keep your balance and keep intact at least the gains obtained so far, without altering them by inappropriate behavior.

Your wellbeing this month

You will want to spend a lot more time with your family during this month. There are some elements of confusion in your life that you want to get rid of, but ignoring these aspects, leaning towards fun, wasting time, is not a happy solution.

Waiting for things to work out on their own, without you intervening, is just a utopian dream. On the other hand, it is a good time to focus on your own needs; if possible, take a vacation and rest -enough, regain your strength.

Do not make a habit out of drifting without setting precise goals; you risk losing a lot in terms of efficiency and productivity.

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