Aquarius December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3639 views

You may find that you are paying too much attention this December to what you did during the year and although coming to conclusions is usually good during this time, for you it can turn into something a little bit too critical.

Cherish those who are around you and know that you get more chances in the future for things you want to try again and repeat but when it comes to people, you never know for how long they are in your life.

Visionary and enthusiastic, you really don’t want to give in to this holiday season agitation and will probably try to make everyone focus and work hard. Not that you are a kill joy, after all, if you really enjoy what you are doing, nothing can keep you away from that.

Spring into action

During the first days of the month there may be some moments in which you will probably question some choices of yours but don’t worry because this is not something general but has to do with particular situations that don’t necessarily have to do with long term future.

And you are not even worried about consequences. It is just that you are quick to get bored and in a mood to question everything. Critical as you are, there is no need to be harsh with yourself because it will only bring you down.

Other aspects of work are productive, thanks to Mars that prompts you to spring into action. You are quick to collaborate with others and are not afraid to jump in, even if you have to work with people that are not necessarily from the firm. A good time to establish new contacts.

Some natives will also try to transpose this agility in what they do at home but perhaps their standards are not high there so they will eventually succumb to comfort and not many changes will take place.

Generosity and others

Gift on the same measure as you would like to receive because it is not a cliché of the month but something that is going to happen. Your generosity will be recognized and what you will get is probably beyond a simple gift.

The word of advice is not to take any risks so financial investments should be left for after the New Year. Energy levels might kick some adrenaline in but this doesn’t make your activities value or make up for a good excuse.

Group effort is great and will bring results, especially during the first half but after this you might prefer to work on your own, at your own pace and without having to explain yourself too much.

Balance everything

Venus and Mars are offering reasons to light the fire of passion after the middle of the month but you need to be careful not to neglect other aspects of your life. It is important to take advantage of all the moments life has to offer to you but this doesn’t mean you need to close an eye when it comes to more serious things.

If there is something you will live to regret soon, it is exactly this lack of balance that is so tempting. Boundaries need to be established and sometimes fun is not a priority. There will be days in which you won’t have a worry in the world just like there will be challenging days.

Initiatives are supported but you need to have an end purpose, not just set out to do things because you feel like it or because they sounded like a good idea in the first place.

Holidays are waiting

Around the 20th you will show again just how sociable you are although it will take you a while to get used to some people. You are picky when it comes to helping others but luckily the holidays will get you a well-deserved break and you might reconsider your grumpiness.

Shopping is a great time to indulge although you also need to think of the bill, especially if it comes later on. You tend to let your future self suffer through some consequences and this might not actually be a bad time to try and sweat this bad habit.

Find time to spend outdoors, regardless of weather and if possible, do some exercises. You will recharge your batteries a lot faster by engaging in such activities.

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