Aquarius December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-11-26, 3833 views

Dear Aquarius, this December you are going to leave all fears aside and are simply going to say things as they are, without expecting any reactions or anything in return. You are gentle and caring but also strong willed when others fail to consider what you are saying or doing.

You will impose respect at work and it seems that with this, some sort of promotion occasion may also surface. The only word of caution about this is the fact that you may end up having more work to do, which will in turn may put a strain on your family life.

You may also get the opportunity to return a favor that was once made to you and the person who you owed it to will be very surprised by the fact that you remembered about this happening, so many years ago.

Attentive to all

During the first week of December you will move all your attention towards your family and will spend way too much time with them than everyone would actually want.

This doesn’t really sound right and maybe this is because you tend to exaggerate with your expectations. Sometimes less is more and it seems that when it comes to your relationship with your family this month, this is the case.

On the other hand, you may take the opportunity to do something particularly useful for a family member, without them actually realizing that it is you behind the unexpected help. Doing this will make you feel so good that you may attempt to repeat it in the future.

Taking care of yourself

If you want to stay away from any health troubles, particularly in the middle of December, you may need to get proper rest and avoid any long travels.

If you live somewhere cold, you might also want to get an extra jacket and make sure you stay warm all the time.

You may experience a greater appetite than usual but instead of opting for healthy choices, you will probably act up your sweet tooth, which, again, is not really a healthy sign.

If you have the occasion to go to a sauna or something similar, do not miss out because it will help you detox both your mind and your body.

In line with the times

Around the 20th, you will become more conscious of the period of the year we are in and will become more enthusiastic about the preparations for Christmas and will also take a bit of time to think about your expectations for the new year.

Some natives will be more ambitious in the desires they put forward than others but at the end of the day, everyone will keep their hope high. A bit of creativity and engaging with your partner will ensure that you raise to your potential.

Also, this is a good time if you want to make any changes around the house, of course, nothing major, but still, anything that has the potential to make you feel better in your own skin.

The very last days of the year

The last week of the month will be all about tasty foods and celebrations and you are likely to forget, even if only for a couple of days, about your day to day worries.

This is a great moment for making plans with those dear and for listening to what other family members have been up to, especially the young ones.

Some natives will prefer to attend parties and socialize more outside the house but it seems that after a few nights like this, they will still return at home, where they will end up feeling most at peace.

Your loyalty and your patience may be tested, just before the new year’s eve but it seems that you will be able to forget a small indiscretion and just move on from it.

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