Aquarius December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The socio-professional segment is very lively throughout the month. Urgent in-service meetings, important presentations where you have to speak or offer constructive solutions, decisions made in a hurry - everything will be done quickly.

You get the support of your colleagues, the bosses follow you closely and point out the positive aspects of your efforts, so that, in fact, things are going for your benefit.

The last chance for Aquarius to be observed at work will be in December. You will not lack energy and therefore, even if others have already relaxed, you will maintain the same pace of work.

This will be appreciated by your superiors of course. You should take care of your health. Do not underestimate prevention on cold days and dress appropriately to the weather.

It is possible to get a leadership position, new work tasks, and you can even receive rewards and applause for outstanding merits in the field of work. Prudence and measure in all, because there is also the reverse of the medal!

Relations with friends are highlighted by important dialogues and large-scale joint actions.

December highlights

You are going to play the role of the active and popular this start of December and will spend quite a lot of the first half of the month away from home, with your circle of friends.

You are quick to seize new opportunities and even throw a helping hand to others in need but be careful about overstepping the boundaries and about gossiping.

Your spontaneity and logic will also make yourself remarked at work but most people are already thinking about the holidays so you might not be able to achieve as much as you would desire.

The second part of the month is favorable to rest, daily detachment, revision of life plans. Fatigue and some conditions will speak their way. Take proper care and sleep a lot!

This month's revelations will clarify the role of the situations in which you are involved plus they will offer you exceptional solutions, coming from some very special people in your life.

Aquarius love horoscope for December 2019

Throughout this December you continue to enjoy an active social life, with very good prospects to relaunch your existing love relationship or to start a new one.

Parties and meetings with friends, as well as getting involved in humanitarian or social projects and online activities, help you meet new people, make new friends and maybe even start a relationship with great chances of becoming serious.

Many Aquarians rediscover the qualities of their life partner and, after years of living together, truly enjoy what they have built with their spouse. This being the end of the year, it is a time to look at what you have accomplished and what can be done further on.

The solar eclipse that takes place on the 26th in your twelfth house may indicate a time of crisis or a revival of the couple's life. Hard-tried couples, which have been inoperative for years, may find themselves facing difficult decisions, but try not to act under the impulse of the moment.

Career and finance progress this month

In December, Aquarius will perform well in professional life due to favorable planetary positions. Your ambitions and aspirations will have a new direction for the moment.

Advances, salary increases and recognition will be obtained right at the end of the year. But the road up there is not an easy one. Try to build friendship with your superiors and colleagues at work.

Tact and diplomacy will work wonders in the career field. More tense situations may occur from time to time, but it is up to you to harness your internal energy to meet these challenges.

Lots of adjustments and compromises are also required from you. Your planets are favorable to everything you propose. A good time to develop good relationships with others.

Business relationships, especially new ones, must be treated with caution. The year 2019 will bring you situations in which you will understand your emotional self and see it in a better light. Pay attention to the emotions and feelings of those around you this year.

Health and wellbeing

The natives of Aquarius will have enormous energy resources for the entire month of December. Diet and exercise should be consistent to avoid problems that may occur throughout the holiday season.

Avoid foods high in fat, as your digestive system may suffer during this time. Give your mind and body the relaxation they need.

Stay away from the sedentary lifestyle, however, as this could have serious consequences on your overall health. Don't stress and try to control your impulses for the coming period. Sport and outings in nature will bring your body and mind the relaxation they need.

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