Aquarius December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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You will notice that December is among the year’s most enjoyable months for you. Don’t overspend on Christmas gifts, but buy what you think would make your loved ones happy.

It’s utterly important for Aquariuses to spend Christmas with their family because this will strengthen their bonds and they will also get the chance to get some so much needed rest, seeing this year tested them a lot, especially from an intellectual point of view.

Their last chance to get noticed at work is going to come this month. You will have a lot of energy and while others are going to relax, you will do things at an incredible pace, so your superiors will appreciate your efforts.

Make sure you’re taking good care of your health and dress well before going out in the cold.

December 2020 Highlights

Saturn and Jupiter entering your sign are going to set the cosmic climate to be harmonious for you for the next months. In case you were thinking about starting some projects, go ahead and do it.

It’s a nice year’s end for you, so you can just enjoy the holidays. December is going to have a beautiful beginning and end for Aquariuses, even if the mid-period will feature some conflicts as a result of the pressure accumulated at work.

However, professional demands will start decreasing in the 3rd week of the month, as Jupiter and Mercury will enter another sign. These planets’ new location will bring favorable energies for Uranus’ children, especially when it comes to group activities and friendships.

Aquariuses are subtle, sharp minded, logical and restless in spirit. In spite of this, they still like to follow their heart sometimes. 2020 is just around the corner and they have drawn many conclusions, but this doesn’t mean they still don’t have many goals to fulfil, some of these goals being distant, others very close.

You won’t have everything cleared out, but you’re surely are optimistic and confident about the future. Besides, you will always have wise people by your side, many who will help you with great teachings and suggestions.

Saturn, the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius emphasize relationships, friendships and meetings meant to bring you incredible wealth. This means you can be happy for the holidays.

However, Venus in Scorpio will bring vulnerabilities in the love sector. At least you will be protected by Mars in Libra. New relationships will be surprising, passionate and built on a lot of eroticism.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for December

You will be tense in love until the 15th, but this state will be helpful for work. Starting with the 16th, you will change your appearance for the better, be passionate and more joyful in love, so you will want to share your heart a lot.

The Universe will support this expansiveness, making you more popular and bringing good luck into your love life. Your passion will come back, harmony is going to be in place, your lover will be your partner in crime.

This year’s end is going to be beautiful for your marriage, so you will really love the 2020 holidays. You will have increased libido under the influence of Mars, whereas Venus and the Sun will put you in a good mood starting with the 16th. You will also focus on progress and stability.

Be sure that your friends will introduce you to some special if you happen to be single. You will no longer radiate that much after December 22, but Venus will be only by your side from the 16th. The 18th will bring tremendous optimism and depth if you decide to allow it to.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Expect to progress and become more prestigious. Your relationships at work can be improved, and you can expand your network of acquaintances. Every result you’re obtaining is going to be great and stable because this is what Saturn in Sagittarius does for you.

Your vision of the future will be clear, and you’ll be aware of everything. Financial situation will improve, either because you’re getting a raise, or one of your investments is going to pay off, Jupiter in Virgo indicates.

You will be both creative and very down-to-earth. The month of December will bring you great offers from friends. People you didn’t expect to are going to support and protect your projects.

No matter what, Aquariuses need to stop dreaming too much of plans that don’t seem attainable. Arieses’ drive will be essential for them to accomplish their goals and also the society to become better.

Capricorns won’t agree with their initiatives, considering them inappropriate. Their fellow Aquariues will try to change their activities’ profile.

Committed to all their work projects, Aquariuses will ignore their own personal needs, also the ones of the people they love. They will only pay attention to what brings them benefits at work. At least this will have them maintain excellence and gaining more money than usually.

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