Aquarius December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Being the month of renewal, December is going to have your professional activities growing and impacting the private connection in a positive manner, dear Aquarius. You will be in change and more comfort is going to enter your life.

Regardless of how much doubt you have, proof of things going well will arrive around the 11th. Being superstitious and while waiting for your plans to take shape, you will choose to be silent and to block people in your surroundings.

Before the year ends, you will focus again on the personal journey that you have been taking. Surprises will arrive just when gifts will, so you will be one of the luckiest people in the Zodiac. In your heart, there will be opportunities flowing.

The encounters you will have are going to be enriching. Furthermore, you will have your feelings soaring, being in a cloud. In the family, the atmosphere will be great. December’s last days will be the most explosive and you will love it.

December 2022 Highlights

You will need to keep the balance between family, career, love, finances, friendships, and your personal desires. While not everyone might be pleased with you, at least you can be satisfied with yourself. Do what you think is right and act according to what your heart and mind dictate.

Most planets are on your chart’s horizon. This means you will have a frantic professional activity, an activity that will be interesting and competitive. However, this will be a fair and clean competitiveness, so you don’t need to get stressed, neither physically, nor emotionally.

Attend as much as you can to profession, as agreements will be reached in this sector. For the next year’s first months, there will the chance for you to change your job, but this only at the company you’re working at.

In case you happen to be in a satisfying relationship, then the air will be cleaned, and the relationship is going to improve even more. However, in case there are imperfections here and there, then the relationship might end, case in which you should just rejoice and try your best to move on.

Your social life will be in great aspects, not only now, but for the coming months as well. There will be someone special waiting for you. This also signals a wedding or a relationship that’s, at the moment, progressing. While weddings are something to enjoy, they produce changes.

Like in November, most planets will be in your chart’s Eastern sector, where they will indicate that you have the ability you can create your own life and make it the way you want it to be. The planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn will raise your life and the circumstances in your life through spirituality and friendships.

The friends that you have and are true to you will support not only your initiatives, but also your independence. You will be in good health yet try to not overwork. The finances will be good, but you shouldn’t spend too much on your home or parties. Money should be spent proportionately.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for December

When it comes to your loves, there will be nothing evolving as you would have liked it, even if the air would have been electric, but things are going to be better. In case you will be waiting for any proofs, then these will arrive fast, in only a few days.

As far as your sentiments will go, there will be the most beautiful acceleration leaving you without words. The end wouldn’t have arrived yet, and this will be surprising. Your partner will be confident and tender.

For this year’s the planets are going to gift you, and your relationship is going to strengthen, meaning that you can set a brand-new basis promising that everything is possible if you want the cohesion of your relationship to be maintained.

Singles would have had their bets made. You have placed all your so-called wages on a relationship, but there will be an even better opportunity coming your way, a person who sincerely loves you. The year will be ended stylishly, as to increase your trust in what’s about to arrive and put a smile on your face.

While joy will be what will guide you through the entire month over and over again, it will be those who are in love and married who will have to correct their relationship. This because their partners will be domineering with them, and Aquarius can’t accept such a thing.

A frank and open dialogue is going to have everyone going to their place and peace being reinstituted. There will be many opportunities for single Aquarians to come across the person of their dreams, as they will meet many people at parties and social gatherings.

When Cupid passes them, they will know that they have fallen in love. The astrological position will promote reconciliation between siblings and neighbours, usually between the people that have had some fights as a result of contradicting each other.

Aquarians will take the initiative that will lead them to interacting with someone new. However, they shouldn’t call themselves victorious before time, as there will be a war planet, Mars, in the 3rd House and Pluto in the 12th House square, on the 23rd, unearthing some old grudges and activating conflicts.

At the same time, don’t forget that the planet Uranus will continue its retrograde in the 4th House of Aquarius, meaning there will be tensions affecting dynamics in the family as a result of changes that have unexpectedly appeared.

Venus is going to bring favors to those who are resuming interaction with support groups or friends, either on the internet or face-to-face. For Aquarius singles, the planet Venus being in the 11th House of their sign will represent the chance to meet someone who’s special, through the people that are belonging to the same social circle of colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working in a relationship of dependency are going to experience the deepest satisfactions that will be associated with their work. They will be free to just express their behavior and qualities, impacting their superiors and bosses, and this is going to bring them not only an increased income, but also benefits.

Professionals and self-employed will as well be very pleased. They will have a strong intuition allowing them to just travel to unknown places and take the most successful paths. This is going to bring them more purchasing power and, as a result, more tranquillity.

For the entire month of December, finances are going to remain stable. Neptune and Ceres being present in the 2nd House of Aquarius supposes there will be a flow of inspiration that’s very creative and aimed at managing available resources more efficiently.

At work, the trine staring Mars in the 3rd House of the sign, as well as the Sun in the 11th house on the 12th, will bring the opportunity of presenting any initiative to the public, adding supporters to the cause you’re fighting for, and promoting yourself in social circles that you have just encountered.

In the same manner, Chiron is indicating there’s increased confidence in both the internal speech and the external one, as well as an interest in developing more, new skills. It’s important to remember that, starting with the 1st and until the 20th, Mercury is going to visit the 11th House of the Aquarius, which will translate just into how interaction with the colleagues is taking place.

The same planet here is also promoting projects that are collective. It is giving you the chance to receive the recognition you deserve for sporting activities and working in teams. It’s very likely that, for this time period, you’re going to feel as if out of place, when you will analyze your many assets, right before achieving what you have managed to achieve with your tenacity.

By investing a few more efforts, you will manage to achieve even more. Working hard will be the word of the day for you.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Success and satisfaction will have Aquarians celebrating for almost the entire month. In order for nothing to be opaque, they might continue to gather plenty of joys for the entire month. It would be ideal for them to not eat and drink too much, as their stomach might end up paying the consequences.

They should rest and have a healthy diet, spend some time in nature, and so on. This will help them find their soul peace, as they are going to feel more energetic and freer. Practicing meditation will also be of great help for them.

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