Aquarius February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3420 views

An easy month if you keep up with work and definitely a rich month in experiences if you keep your mind open to trying new things. On the other hand you might feel tied down by roots, convention or a specific relationship. It is going to be interesting to follow how you put all these together and how you make them work.

Plan wisely

At around the 7th it will become apparent that without specific targets you are going to waste the majority of the month and therefore you will be personally forced to take measures. This might include better planning or talking to those close to you in order to set your priorities.

Maybe your attention should also focus on your abilities and what you can easily obtain versus what needs a lot more work and maybe convincing other people to join in.

Prosperous times but not for those with business brains but more likely for those who are used to choosing with their hearts. Although you might not have anything to cling on at the moment, the only thought that things are going to be all right at the end will suffice in giving you strength to carry on.

Counting the chances

Some new information will change the way you perceive someone in your family and this might produce some sort of emotional breakdown for a while but you will be able to surpass this quite easily.

However, the difficult period will probably correlate in length with how close you actually are to the person who just let everyone down.

Getting closer to the middle of the month you change personal problems into some sort of dream like state in which you only follow your interest, but your interest is something full of idealism and with very little practicality in it.

Don’t expect any money to descend from the skies right on top of your head because it is not going to happen and if you are routing for some sort of promotion, this is also not very likely at this precise moment.

Venus brings a certain degree of sensuality around you, notice I don’t say in you because the likelihood is that you will be too busy admiring your own thoughts instead of controlling your charm.

This means that if there is any conquering to be made, this will be made not necessarily at your own accord but just by chance. Beware though, because if you really like that person you will have to put a lot more effort come the following days if you want to keep the flame alive. 

Emotional versus social

Emotionally speaking, February might prove to have more ups than downs but the severity of the latter will actually make them feel a lot worse than they actually are. Maybe you are at some point in your life where you need to have time for yourself and retreat and this is something that Mercury doesn’t really want to allow to you now.

Around the 20th you might have a busy consciousness with some things from the past surfacing to hunt you but your wish for harmony and closure will probably be enough to shut them down again after a few good hours or maybe even a day of turmoil.

And being some highly personal matters, it will be extremely difficult and probably unconceivable for you to speak to someone else about them.

Towards the end of the month, the movement of Mars might come with a different but poignant lesson for you in regard to how important your job actually is for you and what you see as benefits from it.

You tend to be a lot more interested in social position than you usually are and tend to use it as a tool in appearing a lot more important than you actually are. The motto seems to be fake it till you make it and no one can really blame you for using that.

How do you react

The forceful planet does bring a new energy input into everything and might highlight the way to obtain certain resources you have been lacking so far, either money or information but most likely something that you really need to continue.

Speaking about money, February is not a bad time to rack up the piles but you need to pay attention to that sparkle in your eyes and optimism when you see it and listen to expert advice when it comes to managing it.

All is well when people are close by at good times, but when they start asking for things, it will be difficult to say no and not appear as the bad guy. 

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