Aquarius February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 4320 views

This February you seem to benefit from a lot of mental energy, to the point that at times you are going to feel tired because of all those thoughts and ideas. But it seems that all is destined to remain in your mind as you may not be focused or motivated enough to go through with it.

This is a great period to put your mind at good use, not only for yourself but for other people too. Not to exaggerate, but you will be able to dispense wise advice, well beyond your life experience and in situations that, if would happen to you, then you would be overwhelmed.


And to continue on a positive note, you seem to also have a lot of physical strength there, and although you might not be using it for anything practical, engaging in a little exercise will help both your mind and body.

On this note, supplements of some sorts may not function that good but a healthy fruit and veg diet will do wonders during this period.

You will prefer to be surrounded by lots of people and not only the motto will be the more the merrier but this is the ambient in which you will be able to best hear those thoughts we’ve been talking about earlier.

Somewhat clumsy

The positive of the above also comes with a negative side, in order to balance things of course. It comes with a dose of nervousness and agitation, that you won’t necessarily be ready to control.

You may feel as if you are chasing something, so elusive and hard to define that it frustrates you beyond matters.

Around the 16th, your clumsiness will reach perilous heights so you should be very careful with knives and other sharp objects or edges.

Educational endeavors, not for you, but for those around you, so another theme of guidance for you, are welcomed. You may not get it right the first time, but the more attentive you are when trying the better. A great time for presentations at well, any public speaking you might have to deal with.

High performing

Emotions are easy to be left aside but perfectionism isn’t, so surprisingly for your relaxed self, you will be quite critical of yourself.

And not only when it comes to these situation, but with many other, you will tend to come back and analyze your performance. It may sound fancy being said like this but even two flying thoughts are enough to put you in this category. And you will have plenty of those.

You probably don’t need to be told that, but better safe than sorry: challenge your mind at work and stretch it as much as possible, Mercury and Mars are actually there to support you.

But make sure you also reward it with plenty of sleep and relaxation. There are precisely four weekends this month, make sure you use them wisely, and in an entertaining manner.

Beware though of ending up in a conundrum because you don’t know what to choose. It is not rocket science, just follow your intuition. Your choice may be the most boring thing in the world for loads of people but if it makes you happy and you manage to relax like this, then you should think about it twice.

Watch your back

The stars, especially Venus may be rooting for big events, especially in your love life but it seems that you will want to keep things simple.

But again, who do you think you are to put yourself in front of the stars. If it is not going to be you, it is going to be your partner who will put you in some sensible situations, perhaps asking questions about when you are going official or things that are in this tone but more appropriate to your relationship.

Some clouds of storm are announced on top of your house, exactly when your neighbors are enjoying the best sunshine.

Of course, we are trying to depict a metaphor here. You will turn against some people close to you out of jealousy and envy, quite quickly. And it isn’t like you want what they have, it’s just you are chasing your peace and calm.

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