Aquarius February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9614 views

Your independent spirit is going to surface this month, along with your discretion and generosity. In theory you will get along well with a great diversity of people but obviously, you will only find peace at home, surrounded by those dear.

May want to stay away from gossip and instigation. Let everything follow its course, whether or not the outcome will be beneficial to you.

With Venus square Jupiter, you may find it hard to resist temptation and greed. Craving sweets or drinks will be normal and disrupting your routine to accommodate this will appear to be an easy choice to make.

Get a break for yourself

On Sunday the 11th, with the arrival of Venus in the sign of Pisces, spiritual activities are facilitated but this doesn’t exclude tending to any mundane activities, especially if these have a component of independent working.

Whilst Venus is pushing you towards human interactions and obtaining satisfaction through tickling your emotions, you may also feel this need to sit down a bit by yourself.

Those natives whom have recently been in a rush, especially in their love life, will feel this need more poignant than the rest.

Making your conscious happy through meditation will result in better communication and empathy in your relationship too, even if, at the moment, you are appearing to your partner as avoidant, due to this need to find yourself.

A sense of belonging

With a new Moon in the sign of communities and humanitarian endeavors, Aquarius, the second half of February debuts with an awkward feeling for a while. This may have to do with your need to be surrounded by people and to experience meaningful contacts.

Matters of karma will be highlighted, so the more you give to others, whether material things or your time, the more you will get back. You may not feel that great of a specialist to give advice but maybe it is best to let others judge this.

This is a good time for detox from old and negative habits, perhaps a little bit less social media would do you good.

On the other hand, this new Moon is all about new technologies and using science in support of human evolution so if you already activate in or are drawn to this area, you can easily immerse in this now.

Confusing times

Rumors and suspicions are said to be running high when Mars squares Neptune, but in your case, you are staying away from doubts and vindictive behavior.

You may find solace in a project with your friends but even so, you will need to be careful to anyone from outside who is jealous of your success or peace of mind.

Mars’s desires are going to clash with Neptune’s floating emotions, thus creating some confusion, especially around the 20th.

You will be very much in tune with what happens in the environment, to such measure that you will be able to provide expert advice to others. The only challenge you will face in this regard has to do with your personal incapacity to see how far you have become.

You will feel that there is a lot of superficiality in what you are demonstrating and may criticize yourself for lack of depth, although for no particular reason.

The power of words

With the last days of February under the influence of Mercury square Mars, no wonder you will feel overly stimulated and external influences will just seem too much at times.

You will love a good debate so will probably try to negotiate your way even with the smallest of benefits in mind.

There may be a particular occasion in which you will be challenged upon your beliefs and you will need to produce some valid arguments. Whilst this may be stressful on the spot, looking back, you will feel rather energized by your performance.

You are witty and charming but will also show a lot of sarcasm that will be very hard to take in, especially by some family members. At work, you will be very energetic and really back up colleagues when needed.

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