Aquarius February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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An excellent month for planning and for working on the relationships you have with those around. Look at yourself as a harbinger of joy rather than another cynical in the group.

You may find that not everyone responds to your call for harmony but this is not a reason to give up. This is really one of those months in which the stars are supporting you to make a difference in the lives of those close.

There is also a great air about for any endeavors that are business-like and that involve bringing value to the world. But in order to get there you might need to travel and to explore places you long wanted to explore.

You have to give without expecting anything in return ... and then you will find that the best rewards descend upon you.

Keep in mind the following

There will be an innate need to experiment this February that will take you to all sort of places, whether physically, because you will wish to travel, or just mentally, through some interesting revelations.

You can learn a lot about yourself but similarly, you can discover, around the 20th, something you didn’t know about a family member. Some natives may even rekindle family relations that have gone cold.

Hard work and diligence will be rewarded but you might end up a little stressed because of some overtime work.

During the last week of the month, you may arrive to a rather difficult conclusion regarding a friendship relation. This month will help clear the air around who your real friends are and despite any potential heartbreak, you will feel a lot better by being in the know.

Aquarius love horoscope for February

Your romantic life is likely to be in the spotlight this month, and although you might not be very interested in the extra attention, this can bring with it useful advice from some wise people.

From the 3rd onwards, Venus invites you to take a step back in your stories and emotions instead of surrendering unreservedly to love. It is not about doubting everything, but about taking time to reflect.

Take the time to have a look at what you have been doing, the choices you have made and their consequences.

Since last December, Saturn has forced you to look back in the past to take stock of what is right for you and think deeply to get rid of what you no longer need or that is toxic in your life.

If you have resisted these impulses and have kept postponing this, leaving these thoughts to linger in the back of your mind, not it is time to action.

You must get yourself ready for when Jupiter invites you to open the future and do everything possible to move quickly towards what awaits you and what you want.

Aquarians who are in a couple may benefit from new activities with their loved ones and may get in touch with some feelings that they have considered all lost. Contrary to all beliefs, this is not happening around Valentine’s day but rather a long time after, towards the end of the month.

Single natives seem to keep themselves grounded through work and prefer to mix a little romantic pleasure here and there, rather than make a purpose out of finding the one this month.

Those who have already taken an interest in someone special might need to think twice before committing to anything very serious.

Money and career highlights

The great amount of expenses that you may have indulged in during the past months are now coming to bite you so this is likely to be a month of work and accumulation. For some natives, it also means that they lead a rather frugal life, in order to replenish their savings.

Around the 12th you might be a little concerned with your image at work and this might be on your mind for a couple of days but there are little chances that you will actually act upon this.

Perhaps you can find a close friend who you can talk to about these things. Be mindful of the advice you take because not everything applies in your situation but at the same time don’t be reluctant in trying something new.

After the 15th you may view work with a little bit more flexibility and some occasions for travel might surface. You will prefer to take things step by step and this will probably be noticed in the fact that you are feeling less stressed.

Towards the end of the month some kind of personality clash might arise in your life and it would be convenient for you to make an effort to understand that person’s point of view and thus be able to work better as a team and continue to enjoy work.

Your health this February

In relation to physical health, it is possible that some Aquarians may suffer from a bit of a scare due to unexpected discomfort at the start of the month.

It may be something that has been triggered by something you have done and you will likely be able to tie the two together.

This scare will remind of what you should find important in your life and might make you more concerned with your health.

But you are not likely to continue to take things too seriously throughout the month but will rather mellow down a bit.

Don’t forget about your mental health either and about the negative emotions you are experiencing and that you should keep under wrap.

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