Aquarius Horoscope 2021: Key Yearly Predictions

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In 2021, Aquarians will start and end many projects because any cycle needs to come to its end and a new one has to begin in its place. They will have many opportunities coming their way, but they need to remain down-to-earth and to focus on the big picture, mostly when they don’t have a clear direction for their future.

2021 marks for them the beginning of a 7-year period in which they’ll experience innovative changes, make breakthroughs and revolutionize their entire existence.

Aquarius people get to feel that finally, the world is open to listen to their ideas, so they’ll experience what seeing the light at the end of the tunnel really means. They will also forge friendships with powerful people that will support them and their interests, not to mention they’ll be devoted to causes that will allow them to further develop.

It’s very likely they’ll want to just get rid of old ideas and welcome new ones into their mind and life. Uranus, which is the planet ruling them, will enter their sign in 2021, where it will remain for the entire year.

This will influence to want to bring a contribution to their community more. This cycle will also stimulate some important economic and social changes. The impact of this time period on Aquarians may seem far-fetched, but it will surely have them making changes they have believed to be impossible until then.

Jupiter will travel through their solar 12th House, bringing them a feeling of inner peace. This is why they should pay attention to their own dreams and inner voice, all while forgiving themselves for past mistakes.

Their focus will be on their own psyche and compassion. They may feel the need to invest more time in spiritual pursuits, so they will want to be alone with their own thoughts from time to time, moments in which inspiration and metaphysical concepts will hit them.

This cycle will bring with it the beneficial influence of making them more tolerant. They will also want more to understand what hides behind words and the surface. It’s important they use this time period for making preparations for the future.

At the same time, they should look for mentors who inspire them to be more creative and to stay true to themselves. Many will come for them for inspiration and support, so they need to be aware of what they can offer them and what not.

Since it will be easy for these natives of Aquarius to take on more than they can handle, they need to pay great attention to not use their energy in wrong ways.

What to keep in mind

Most of the time, 2021 will have positive effects on Aquarius people because they will have fuller lives by integrating every aspect important to them into their existence.

The eclipses of 2021 will put an emphasis on their need to know more and to understand, so they may get involved in educational activities, traveling and writing. Furthermore, they will have revelations about the common good and humanity.

Their ideas will make great changes, while others will be more open to hearing what they want to say. What’s also important and worth mentioning is that they will also be willing to listen, which means communication will be very effective for them during this cycle.

Their connections with others will improve, especially those that are happening with the help of technological devices. What they will be looking for this year is diversity.

The day of January 17th will be focused on money because the plentiful Jupiter will enter Pisces, their solar 2nd House. This is transit that will increase their bank accounts, especially if they remain positive and focus on abundance.

Jupiter in this location does come with a challenge, though. It will make Aquarians spend more. This means they should rather pay their debts than go and get things they don’t actually need.

Another good reasons for them to save more is that Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion can multiply their resources. 2021 will be for them an excellent year if they make informed decisions when shopping, also if they make financial plans and learn how to manage money.

Jupiter’s presence in the 2nd House will also encourage these people to be more materialistic, to see what’s really of value and matters to them. By identifying all this, they can make plans for the future.

Jupiter briefly visits Aries, their solar 3rd House, from June 5th till August 12th, before it returns into Pisces for what’s left of the year. They should expect to have an exciting summer during this transit, to be chaotic and to juggle tasks.

It will be challenging for them to remain organized. It should also be expected for them to communicate more with relatives and people in their community, to receive many emails and phone calls at work.

It will be like everyone will want a piece of them, so they should set some boundaries and allow themselves a few hours a day for relaxing, reading and resting.

Aquarius love horoscope 2021

2 years ago, Aquarians had a very active social life, so they most likely have achieved those goals that required them to ask for the help of others. Last year, their relationships were more about physicality than commitment.

In 2021, they should move on, even if there aren’t any long-term and major planets transiting their 7th house of marriage and love. While their social life will run its usual course, it won’t be of great importance to them. Besides, the Universe will neither help them, nor obstruct their love life and social commitments.

The Sun rules their house of marriage and love, moving through all signs and other Houses the entire year. If the Sun is in good aspects and stimulated in a happy manner by other planets, they will develop strong connections with others. In case it will be stressed, they will have a stressful social life.

This means each month of this year will influence their relationships differently. In the same manner, their needs as far as love goes will vary. They will want to be with someone virtuous and serious one month, whereas the other, they will feel like being with someone who’s the complete opposite.

Next there are the details of what they will need and want from love according to their astrological aspects, throughout the entire year. Until January 20th, they will focus to get unconditional and spiritual love, so they’ll have very high ideals in this direction.

Starting with January 21st and until February 181th, they will want passion and physicality. Starting with February 19th and until March 21st, they will want to be financially supported by their partner, while after that, from March 22nd until April 19th, they will put an accent on communication.

The April 20th – May 21st period will have them longing for being nurtures and wanting to show their love in the same manner. From May 22nd until June 21st, they will be very playful and in need to have fun.

June 22nd to July 22nd will be a period of practicality and giving support to their partner. From July 23rd until August 23rd, they will want equality in their relationship. In case they’re single, their desire will be of a serious relationship that’s meant to last for a very long time.

August 24th to September 23rd time period will bring them back to wanting more passion. They will desire for their partner to transform them by eliminating everything they no longer need from their life.

Starting with September 24th and until October 23rd, they will want to be educated by their other half, also to travel with him or her to foreign countries. After that, from October 25th and until November 22nd, they will want to go out more in the couple and to be helped in their career.

The November 23rd to December 21st time period will have them longing for friendship with their partner, whereas from December 22nd to December 31st, they’ll return to wanting something spiritual and unconditional love.

As it can be easily seen, the love year of Aquarians is going to be very complex. Even if single, they will still have these needs.

Aquarius career horoscope 2021

The Aquarius career forecast for 2021 doesn’t look very promising as far as business goes. These natives will have to work almost non-stop in order to achieve success. They should avoid at all costs starting new projects and taking risks.

They may get a work transfer that doesn’t bring them any advantage either. Between April 6th and September 14th, things will get better for them. Their financial situation for this year doesn’t look too good either.

They will have income sources blocked, not to mention they won’t be able to earn as much as they want.

It’s important they pay close attention to their investments because there are very good chances of big losses. Medical expenses may appear too. Between April 6th and September 14th, they may buy a property after a rushed decision.

Aquarius health in 2021

When it comes to health, 2021 will start under rather unfavourably auspices for Aquarians. The planets Saturn and Jupiter will be in the 12th House, which is not good from the health aspect.

In case they suffer from a chronic disease, things could get worse for them. Everything will be better once April debuts, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be quite healthy if they stick to a routine and good habits. September 14th onwards may bring them some respiratory system linked illnesses.

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