Aquarius Horoscope 2022: Key Yearly Predictions

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Uranus and Saturn are going to impact the sign of Aquarius in opposite ways this year. You have to ask for your friends and family’s advice if you want to overcome any challenge that appears in your path.

While at work you’re going to do a great job, you will still not have too much money because you will be spending it without thinking. 2022’s last half promises to be great when it comes to romantic relationships, whereas the previous year’s quarter guarantees success with projects.

If you want to no longer be anxious and nervous about everyday life, you need to just take some time off to relax whenever you’re being given the chance to do it. Don’t hesitate to count on others when it comes to achieving your goals.

It’s not usual for you to feel blocked, and this year seems rather overwhelming for you. Most of the time, you find the most ingenious solutions to problems and come out clean out of any nasty situation you happen to be in, but this time, nothing seems to be on your side.

Your sign is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. For the beginning of 2022, Saturn is going to be in retrograde. It will inspire you to be conservative and cautious, but at the same time, Uranus will come to tell you it’s alright to have the most unusual ideas and to solve your problems by using the most eccentric methods.

What you need to do is to ask for your loved ones’ advice. The influence of Uranus in 2022 is going to be positive. You just need to go with what your parents and spouse are saying when not feeling able to choose the right direction in life.

While Saturn is going to bring some obstacles, you will still feel as if good luck is on your side. The financial situation will be balanced, even if you will spend more than usually.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2022

You won’t have too much action going on in your 7th House of Marriage and Love. This will have you enjoying the lively social life you have always dreamed of. Most of the time, your lack of curiosity regarding love will maintain the status quo.

Single Aquariuses will continue to be single, whereas married ones won’t break up with their spouses. However, with Uranus making movements above your Sun, the status quo is king. You will have to adjust in case you don’t have a long-term partner.

At the same time, if you’re married and your spouse doesn’t give you the freedom you need, nor does he or she likes to travel as much as you do, then you may want a divorce.

While your marriage can and most likely will survive this configuration, it won’t on its own. Your spouse or partner will have to adapt to you, to understand that you’re all about experiencing the new and feeling good about yourself.

You need your lifestyle to change and to enjoy the pleasures of life. Redefining yourself is what makes you tick. It can be difficult for someone to understand you, Aquarius. Therefore, people who are interested in developing something romantic with Aquariuses this year need to have a lot of patience and to be freedom oriented.

Water Bearers can be in love and their intentions are always good, but Uranus may change all this about them. Especially young Aquariuses are going to go through a period of rebellion.

Older ones will experience their mid-life crisis. This all because of Uranus’s pull. And the problems won’t stop at romantic encounters and events, they will also be present in business and work partnerships.

Aquariuses simply won’t want to conform. Those of them who are single will have numerous affairs that aren’t meant to last in time. Love will happen for them abruptly. At least they will fulfil their sexual fantasies.

There’s a big chance for someone from your past to reappear in your life from April 3rd and until August 7th, yet this person won’t be able to endure what you’re going through.

From July 22th and until August 22th, you will think a lot about getting married, but this phase will pass because the Cosmos is not all about dedication when it comes to you this year.

Aquariuses who are looking to get married for the 3rd time will meet a prominent person, maybe someone who’s their superior at work, either way someone with a higher social status and very romantic.

There’s a good chance for serious involvement. You will meet this special individual through an organization you’re in or perhaps at a work meeting. Will he or she be able to understand that you need your freedom. Aquariuses who have kids at the marrying age will see how these are tying the knot and have their entire social existence changing.

As a matter of fact, the children of some of them will marry as a result of a crisis in the couple. If there’s love to begin with, then the romantic bond will renew itself and become stronger than it ever was.

Single children of Aquariuses will receive many opportunities to get married, but those of them who are complete loners won’t want to give being social butterflies for a spouse. You need to analyze the social inclinations of your offspring if you want to understand them better.

Parents of Aquariuses will maintain the status quo. Curious about what helping and pleasing others can bring you, there will be many changes happening with your friendships. Some of your friends will leave and new ones will arrive, which is a sort of a bittersweet symphony for you.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2022

On February 2nd, Neptune is going to complete its long transit through your sign, only to enter Pisces. Use this planet’s last few weeks in Aquarius for reflecting on the life lessons you’ve learned, your relationships and the things you value the most in others.

After doing so, you will become able to use your most inspirational thoughts, seeing that Neptune is going to transit your 2nd Solar House of Personal Resources. Here, it will have an impact on your earnings, how you’re saving money and how you’re spending it.

This can sometimes be challenging, as you’ll often realize that your wallet is empty. Therefore, make sure to pay your bills on time and to keep track of what’s passing through your bank account. In other words, make budgets and stick to them.

Keep your financial records in check because it can be very frustrating to have to pay bills late. Neptune will make sure you’re confused about your expenses. However, this transit is in fact a blessing in disguise, as it always provides when you need it the most. This doesn’t mean you have to count on being saved all the time.

The key here is to remain realistic and practical, especially if you want to have enough money and even accumulate wealth. The Zodiac’s slowest planet, Pluto, will continue in Capricorn, which is your 12th Solar House, bringing about self-renewal in the most profound manner, meaning renewal in your subconscious.

All your regrets, unsolved matters and memories are going to come to the surface for one purpose only: to have you taking care of them. You will feel both positively and negatively about them, but don’t forget everything is meaningful in life.

This transit is going to have you wanting what your psychological motivations are, also discovering your own limits. Just analyze the way you’re reacting when the situation is stressful and other people are attacking you.

See how you respond. This will help you learn a lot about yourself, not to mention it will have you turning into the person you have always wanted to be. Self-help books could be of great importance.

Social Life Predictions for the Water Bearer

Your year will start, and Saturn will feel like a huge weight. Jupiter has started making changes last year, so you will find it difficult to adjust.

You will be impatient. Starting with May 11th and until October 28th, when Jupiter is going to enter Aries, you’re going to feel as if you’re not in your place. From May’s end and until July’s beginning, Mars will bring reinforcements, so expect to put your plans into action.

If you negotiate well during summer, success will come your way starting with September and until December. Just don’t impose on others. Also, think twice before acting. If not, you will only end up being annoyed by what’s going on in your surroundings.

Aquarius Health in 2022

When it comes to health, 2022 will have some shadow influences, but as Jupiter will be in Ascendant for the year’s beginning, you will feel mentally balanced and physically well, which will have you wanting to be constructive more than anything.

It’s very likely you will experience exhaustion and weakness from trying too hard. If you want to remain healthy, pay close attention to your diet and dress well before going out in the cold.

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