Aquarius January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2779 views

Don’t limit your choices by making early decisions but at the same time don’t linger too much on the same topic because you will end up losing in both territories.

A difficult January indeed for those who don’t confide in their forces and intuition. Don’t be too scared however because there isn’t anything that can’t be undone but it would be a pity to have to waste time on second chances when you have all the potential to do it right from the first time.

Is that really you?

You are preoccupied by your public image but at the same time you seem to experience these thoughts only when you are at home on your own and when it comes to being in public you are stubborn and impulsive and even lack control at times.

Then you go back and think of how you’d like to change and pity yourself for not being able to do it. Since January will be all about being sociable and taking part in collective activities, it will be quite difficult to actually find your boundaries in respect to that so you will be stuck in this circle for the time being.

Gambling emotions or not

Instead of image and perception, I would be more careful with resources and how you waste them, from time and money to practical tasks.

Maybe you are investing too much in a particular house chore when you should be doing something completely different.

Don’t expect for others to come and show you this. Evolution will make itself seen but might not be as rapid as you’d like it to be. But no one is in a rush and maybe it’s time for you to understand this as well.

Mars is set to produce some changes in your career but at the same time it wants something more of you, it wants to challenge you and to show a more competitive side of you.

This is why you might be at times overwhelmed by the tasks you are being given and although you will overcome them eventually, it might be a rocky road before you do that.

Up until the 15th Venus is set to show you got empathy and power of forgiveness so who knows what situations she might get in front of you.

Your partner might challenge you a bit and might be all of a sudden more demanding but it’s not only about them, any of the persons you love or care about might be prone to subjecting you to some sort of moral compass.

When we learn about influencers

Don’t resort to showing your emotions too much, especially in the official setting because they might be used against you. Not to mention about any outings of anger or worse, aggression.

You are better than this and there are a million ways you can cope with pressure or with people you dislike, at least start by ignoring them if something more intelligent doesn’t come up first hand.

The 20th or around this day might show you that you are being way to reliant on external factors and that at times you let yourself too much influenced by them, not only in terms of actions but also in terms of how you feel and how you perceive our days.

Make yourself immune to gossip or suffer the consequences seems to be the message for you.

Avoid getting into too much contact with your friends and try to refrain from endeavors with them. There is enough time for socializing but some limits need to be in place no matter how much the past celebration times have gotten you close.

Talking about surprises

The last two days will bring you even more motivation to channel your efforts but at the same time might give you literal head aches that you will need to deal with.

Unexpected relief might come from a corner you really didn’t think of and at times even a stranger will show more support than those you consider close.

Another useful advice would be that this January, in those very few moments of peace that you will have, not to panic about not doing enough, something that you’ll probably have the tendency to do, because it is not the case.

Even the most successful people take their time for a retreat and rest after or in between work is not a sign of laziness.

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