Aquarius January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4399 views

A social beginning of the year is the least we can say about this agitated January that awaits. It is either that you purposely get involved in as many activities as possible or that they somewhat find you.

Surprisingly enough, you do have the vitality and adaptability to go on with everything and you will end up surprising a lot of people in your family with your resilience. It seems that you prefer not to make any plans this time and will go on from one gig to another.

And if you let the stars at play, they will surely lead you though a rollercoaster or emotions and some rather difficult moments in which you might not know who to believe. Surely you have yourself, but some days you won’t really be able to focus properly.

Having fun

The first week will seem quite dull and the need to spice things up will be in your mind the whole time. Some natives may turn home for alternatives while others will play their lucky hand in other activities.

It’s a great moment to catch up with friends and hobbies you didn’t really have time for. The only word of caution is in regard your competiveness, because it seems you sometimes confuse the entertainment purpose of the games you play.

This time, everyone’s nerves seem to be stretched at maximum so imagine what happens if you come in with that cheap bravado.

You also seem very preoccupied with money matters so luckily, you won’t be spending as much on those activities as you would usually.

New motivation

The second week on the other hand, courtesy to Venus, changes the register and you turn very responsible all of a sudden. It’s no matter of love here but more of devotement and of showing what you are capable of, for the sake of those dear to you.

Regardless of the reasons behind your behavior, this is and should be saluted. Some gossip here and there, from some malevolent people, should not get to you.

And even so, there may be right to question for long you are going to be in this state. Of course, this should focus as a further motivator but for some natives, it will turn quite emotional.

Things are evolving naturally though and the next step will be again the focus on money and on how much you can put aside.

Dealing with reality

Matters of safety will trump your risk attitude and although you are quick to jump at the chance, you also try to build up something for you, to have, no matter where life takes you.

Some natives, might have a hard time with legal or tax related documents, especially if deadlines are looming and they all of a sudden need to be very focused. Not to mention rummaging around the house for the necessary documents.

There is a lot of stress during this period so not surprisingly, your health might start acting up. Some will be faced with actual problems while others will enter in this avoidant mood.

If you are amongst the lucky ones that feel just fine, be sure there will be something else to prevent you from realizing your plans in the timeline you have set at the beginning.

Learning chance

Around the 25th, you might feel pressure adding up from work but you might be able to ask for the help of your friends there.

Some may not be that quick to answer because of their own workload but this doesn’t mean you should turn back on them.

Don’t lose sight of the intermediary goals you have set because this will offer you discipline. It’s not really the best time to be craving for relaxation but obviously, when you don’t have something, it’s the first to come in mind.

Some sort of learning episode will prompt you to be more careful to the words you are getting out of your mouth, especially in the company of your young and dear. It’s best to learn through the experience of someone else than through your own.

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