Aquarius January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3437 views

The stars are going to be rather critic of your life and it seems that everything you do will be exaggerated in the same direction as it is intended. If you are having fun, then be sure you will enjoy your time more than ever but if you are going through a hard time, especially if caused by you, be sure that you will also suffer like a dog.

This should function as a warning for you to keep things as balanced as possible or else you will embark yourself of a rollercoaster of emotions throughout January.

In the office, things appear to be slow for the first few weeks so perhaps you can leave associated worries aside. Luck is on your side but only in a finite amount so be careful what you are summoning it for. Perhaps you should do your best in home activities and catch up with practical work.

Finding yourself

During the first week of January you may feel this need to be on your own and will actually enjoy time spent in solitary. Perhaps you need this time to channel your energy towards your most intimate goals.

You have a lot going on in your mind but at times, you may let yourself led by the lives and expectations of those around. When tuning away from exterior impulses, you may be able to actually find your true thoughts.

The stars may advise to spend some time outdoors too, perhaps even go camping if this is a thing for you.

It seems that you will feel this newly found harmony when in fresh air and will be able to get a lot of energy out of such activities, even though at first, they may seem tiring.

Gentle times

Some sort of temporary change is going to happen with your attitude towards others around the 12th and you are going to be very patient and understanding.

Although you will still carry your own motivations and ambitions, some of which depend on what those around are doing, you are not going to pressure them in any way.

This may happen because of a sensible episode in which you were recently involved and which opened your eyes that you cannot act as a tyrant towards those dear to you.

Surprisingly enough, it will actually be your partner that may push you this time and whom may not truly understand why you are behaving the way you do.

A new love interest

Around the 20th, you may allow yourself to get distracted by an interesting love prospect but which is highly unlikely to actually happen. But dreaming with your eyes open is very sweet and you are not going to miss this opportunity.

Perhaps someone very important has given you some sort of a hint that they are interested in you and now all you do is pursue this. And to be fair, you are not wrong to do this. The only problem is that you will also have the tendency to imagine things that are not necessarily there.

All we say is that you need to find a bit of balance before you get disappointed. This is not to say that there may not be anything romantic between you and this person but it appears that this story will be just a passing one.

Time for rest … or not

The last week of January will be an easy one both at work and at home so maybe you will get a chance to rest for a bit. This is not to say that you will be laying around all day long as it seems that each native has their own definition of resting.

Some may enjoy their sweet time by sleeping whilst others will become more social than ever. Of course that friends will be very happy with this, especially if you are the one to pay.

This newly found social time may also have a good impact on family life, as you are going to return home very relaxed and will be more flexible with what is being demanded of you.

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