Aquarius January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Tone down your expectations dear Aquarius for you should not expect major events in January. Just the other way around. Due to the influence of the planets, this period will be more difficult, which means that your ambition will decrease. Especially when it comes to career.

Winter months can be used for relaxing, educating or organizing your life. 2019 begins with certain tensions of the past but if you avoid precipitation and stubbornness, you have good chances to consolidate all your advantages.

A special aspect of the month for you, Mercury’s arrival in your sign, on the 24th, will make you oriented towards progress through collaboration with others and borrowing a common vision. You will have ahead some few good weeks to work with the others and to lay the foundations for projects that will make the difference.

But to do this, you will need to open yourself more to others, because where there is no emotional involvement, there may not be the best results.

Important to note

The first week of January may start for you with a little tension as the passions around you are going to be exacerbated for a couple of days and you might also end up feeling as if your independence or freedom are being limited.

Those who were born under the sign of Aquarius may think they finally lifted their heads after a few complicated weeks. And this is true but before we can totally get there, perhaps a show of positive spirit and strong willpower, is required.

The next couple of weeks will show you that others appreciate you very much and moments of luck and opportunities that you cannot miss, will come your way. There may also be some occasions of celebration in your family life or at work.

Aquarius love horoscope for January

The first week of the year is still a little tense on the relational level, some last account adjustments being possible, perhaps in the light of some events that have taken place during the holidays.

Anyway, overall, the month of January 2019 will be positive because those who belong to the sign Aquarius and their partners have realized the importance of their relationship in their lives.

But from the 7th, heaven opens up to fresh, spontaneous and benevolent feelings, which will set the heart to party until February!

If you are in a couple, do not block your mind from the perspective of any conflicts or regard them in a completely negative light because there is some good that might come out of this. Don’t run away from discussions, because surely you will end up learning something new about yourself or about your partner.

There will be opportunities, especially during the second half of the month to work together towards new interesting and colorful common projects of a great intellectual curiosity.

If you are single, for the last three weeks of January, you will have all the cards in hand to succeed in your love life. You have the luck, the energy, the atmosphere on your side and it's up to you to have an important meeting in an unexpected place, stay vigilant!

Happiness is within your reach and as the stars have already told you, the attitude you have can make a lot of difference in your life.

Money and career at the start of the year

Let’s talk about the work you will do this January, or more like, the work you will try to avoid at the start of the month. After the Christmas holidays it is always difficult to re-engage, and in your case it may be a little more because health is not helping you.

Anyway, work can be an escape route at some point in which you feel a little lower in spirit. It is possible that this will be made the more difficult because you are tending to something you are not really enjoying.

But this feeling is temporary so there isn’t the case just yet to start to frantically search for a new job. Don’t let yourself carried away by negative emotions.

Aquarius, you have to recover the moderation, from a financial point of and you have to return to saving and until you put it in your head, you will not see your savings grow again.

Think that in the month of January you have to save, and even if you spend, because it is a reality that everyone has to spend money to be able to live, if you do it wisely and do not waste your money, you will have achieved one more triumph in your life.

Your health this January

There is nothing happier and more joyful than feeling good, enjoying well-being and inner peace, it is the moment in which we feel full of energy and wanting to live to the fullest and to do everything that comes our way.

How bad it is, however, when that well-being leaves us, when that inner peace escapes and when magic gives way to harsh reality. The start of this January is more than positive, but the stars cannot give you good news entirely because you are rather susceptible to some stress related issues.

The regrets and complaints return, which will materialize as the days of this first month year 2019 progress. The smartest thing is that you rest more, that you take care of yourself, that you say no to alcohol and tobacco, and that you reduce your social life by half, or even less.

If you see that you are not yet one hundred percent, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to have certain tests done to rule out that you have something more important.

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