Aquarius January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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January should be spent relaxing, educating yourself, harnessing positive energy around you and tidying up your lifestyle and domestic space.

Due to the influence of the planets, this period will be more difficult than December, which means that your ambition will decrease. Especially when it comes to career.

You start giving up the toxic people in your life and you are ready to pay more attention to those people who have always been with you. You realize how important friends are in your life and you enjoy their company throughout the month. In addition, do a number of new activities together and enjoy the trips that get you closer.

January highlights

Talk, talk and talk some more. This is the advice for you at the start of January because it seems like all becomes better when you clarify what is on your mind and stay close to those dear.

This is a good time for expressing your feelings and not allowing things to add up. You may even be surprised by what you discover about a member of your extended family.

Some natives might even end up doing some kind of business with someone they never would have expected to work with, now that they know them better.

From the 15th onwards, your communication and social skills are visibly enhanced. But it would be advisable to stay away from loans, regardless of whether you are applying for them or are considering offering them.

You will be on the same page with your friends and your social life will also improve but this is not to say that you are getting away from domestic matters.

You still have to fulfil your duties at home and if you procrastinate too much on those, you will end up angering those dear to you.

Aquarius love horoscope for January 2020

Your image as an Aquarius is that of someone who generally socializes, is very friendly, someone who sees the world as a whole of which it is part. He or she knows, feels the general interests and respects them.

These natives have a thought and a soul that always looks outside, outside their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, they see the general and mutual advantage.

But this is where the contradiction of this January comes into play, as you seem to focus only on your own pleasure, prefer to lock yourself in the home with your loved one and don’t care much about anything else.

You are concerned with yourself and your significant other but while this can be very passionate and enticing at first, it can also become overwhelming and even suffocating for them, shortly.

So keep an open mind and a balanced love life, away from isolating tendencies.

You can accomplish something great in your romance, especially if you share your thoughts with others and gain insight from them too. Your partner will love to discover new sides of yours, as revealed by these previously mentioned interactions.

Professional life this month

This month there are enough tasks that need to be solved to last you forever so no surprise you might end up feeling a little overwhelmed.

Tackle the small and simple tasks first, to get a good start and feel productive and break down the boring tasks. Don’t forget about breaks and about congratulating yourself for the good work you are doing.

For those natives who have employees under them, it is preferable that the attention be directed to them. Some of them can compensate by taking over some of the obligations

The multitude of planets in the 12th house make you idealistic, devoid of practical sense, a real dreamer who sees things where there is nothing to be seen. Hence, it is not advisable to start any new business during this period. Go deal with what is at work now.

Health and wellbeing

From a health point of view, you don’t have to invest too much energy in this territory but remain prudent because some previous ailments could reappear.

At the start of 2020, Aquarius natives may also encounter some problems with their knees. It’s best to avoid staying for too long out in the cold.

Routine physical work can help the body relax but be careful not to overdo it. Also, you could try meditation or Pilates as a more relaxing activity.

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