Aquarius January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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All through January, Aquariuses will be very focused on their career. You seem to have many responsibilities at work, so you may end up neglecting to have some time for yourself and your relationships.

It will be a productive time period for most Aquarius, yet their mental state may not be quite in order. You have to understand that only by taking good care of yourself, your efficiency at work will increase.

For January, Aquariuses shouldn’t expect too many positive things. The planets will influence them to experience difficult moments and their ambition to lay low, especially as far as work goes.

You should use this winter for relaxation, doing some cleaning and educating yourself. At least your health will be in order.

January 2021 Highlights

When Uranus is going to enter Aquarius, you are going to feel like many aspects of your life are changing, so you’ll get to feel unstable and restless. Until the 26th, anything connected to communication is going to be favored, but after this date, you may feel everything is stuck and you won’t understand why.

The planet doing these things to you is Mercury. It would be a good idea to not sign any papers, nor take care of procedures and inheritances.

Aquariuses are going to enjoy special moments with the people they love, especially if they happen to be with someone who has the same ideals or hopes as them.

On the other hand, the relationships they have with those making them happy will get severed, and this will bring them a lot of good. Aquarius natives will have many things changing in their life, this being the reason why they will be anguished, depressed or restless.

Their emotional state is going to have them unstable, especially when they’ll realize they have no control over what’s happening.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for January

Detached by nature, Aquariuses believe jealousy and possessiveness have nothing to do with love. This is why they get involved in relationships in which they are allowed to be free and can keep their freedom.

Their life won’t be spared by the changes coming their way in all aspects, and this is why they need to be with someone who understands them and their way of thinking.

In case they aren’t, others shouldn’t expect too much of them. With Mars and Venus announcing your desires and feelings being in synergy, the first week of January transports and takes you away in love.

After, things will calm down, with Venus becoming cold and secret, while Mars will excessively increase your sign. Slippages are possible, so don’t get confused by your own enthusiasm.

Be diplomatic in love and agree to disagree sometimes. Until the 9th, communication won’t be your specialty, so you won’t talk that much, but after this date, you will feel like your partner is your intellectual accomplice.

The beautiful Venus brings its fire to your relationship, filling with happiness and optimism. Enjoy these moments. From the 10th, you will be more secretive and shyer, not to mention Mars in square with your sign will have you being more nervous.

Just try and relax. A romantic encounter may take place if you go out often with your friends, but only until the 9th. You will have a rather excessive and powerful dynamism.

At the same time, you will be focused and pay close attention to not make any bad joke. Starting with the 20th, your personality will simply shine. Keep things simple, as you may never have such feelings.

Career and Finances Horoscope

With Saturn in transit in the Aquarius’s 2nd House of material resources and personal matters, money will be hindered from coming, so Aquarius may feel like their January is in more decline than ever.

They will have to make extra efforts at work, but they will still not see the results they’re expecting, nor get rewarded as much as they really deserve.

Working in a team and being friendly will have their difficulties in the professional area being compensated for, so they shouldn’t get discouraged and continue to move forward.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Aquariuses will feel like they’re in some sort of convulsive state, something that will greatly affect their health. They may experience joint pains, not to mention they’ll be at risk of getting fractures and sprains.

What they should pay attention the most to is to their balance. Not eating properly and having a chaotic lifestyle will also get them sick.

They need to go to the doctor’s for check-ups and advice on what they should eat in order to remain healthy. In case they don’t do this, they may end up feeling exhausted by the end of the month.

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