Aquarius July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3806 views

It appears that the first half of the month should be given to family endeavors and that you ought to spend as much time as you can at home. This is your safe space for the time being and also an extraordinary source of inspiration.

And while we are at this, why not be honest about it and recognize that this might be the only way for you to recognize and deal with some problems you have been postponing for a while now.

The first weekend of July also favors any writing plans you might have and although you might not possess a particular talent in this direction, there are still things you can do with this. For instance, why not write an old fashion letter to someone close.

Some whispers

The obstacles are yet to come and a whole wave of energy will get you going. And talking about obstacles, if I were you, I would go to work thoroughly prepared the first week. It appears that either you have to fix something you did wrong in the past or that you are now challenged to do something new.

Other than this, you might be fighting with some information that has not been completely curated and that you can’t trust. Beware of anything that is being whispered around corners and try not to make assumptions.

And whilst the lies seem warped, so is the truth and you are no stranger to doing this so you should be able to recognize those moments. You need to stick to honesty no matter how hard it may seem.

What you gamble

Around the 12th, some kind of partnership opportunity will change the way you think in regard to a particular person and, who knows, this might even turn enemies into allies for a while. You need to keep your professionalism and try to risk as little as possible.

Talking about risk, the middle of the month also catches you in quite a courageous disposition and you might end up putting some money on the table.

If you are on your own this might not influence you as much because you will eventually manage to balance things. But those natives with families depending on them should think twice, especially of the consequences of their actions.

Challenging times

The weekend starting on the 16th will bring a new wave of energy but those wiser and more observant of their bodies will be able to see right through it.

There will only be the illusion of energy, perhaps because you are enthusiastic of the plans for the day. So the word of advice for you is to make sure you get enough sleep and eat right.

You might also feel the need to concentrate on one task at a time and this might get on your partner’s nerves as Venus is not very patient with you both. You are expected to have a better performance than the one you are showcasing and this can become frustrating for both sides.

What are your plans

You seem to pour all your energy back into work as the 20th is approaching but this time you also have a different strategy. You are not planning on getting your hands dirty if there is no need. You are going to be that kind of worker on show, all focused but only when the boss comes around.

There will be some achievements though, regardless of this superficial work style that you are adopting. Expect some agitated days before the month is over. Some accident risk might also follow you up so beware of your driving.

At the same time you are not that calm as to spend your days at home so around the 28th you will probably want to embark on some kind of escapade, at least for a night. Why not try a city break somewhere with your partner?

This will offer you the occasion to rekindle your romance and at the same time a change of scenery, those with big families might have a hard time finding someone to take care of the children though.

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