Aquarius July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3477 views

You are going to be very convinced, this July, that your way is the only way ahead and nothing anyone will say or do will distract you from this direction. For some natives, this might create more trouble than is worth but for the majority, it will give them a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Some days you will be very in tune with your emotions and you will also be able to control them, better than you have so far.

This is a great month for artistic endeavors, whether this is your job, passion or have never tried anything like this. Put your feelings out there, even if you don’t show your work to anyone. It will help you view things in a different perspective.

An ideal break

The first week of July will be quite busy and you will find yourself surrounded by work you didn’t really expect. If you get organized, you will manage to finish faster as things only look complicated on the surface.

As you dig deeper, or better said, if you have the patience to look into the matter, you will find out that you are perfectly equipped to deal with this.

A change of scenery will help further but you don’t have to go anywhere far and for that matter, you don’t even have to plan it, because it might be a surprise or end up being organized by someone else.

As soon as you don’t have any more work, be open to possibilities and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t expect to be indulged or go who knows where and be happy with what you get. It is probably most valuable than anything else that could be happening during the same time.

Shopping ahead

It seems that your financial position will be quite stable during this period and some natives might even buy or sell important items. You might even feel that is time to make a change in your wardrobe or something similar.

These resources are going to be make you feel better with yourself and you won’t have that ugly sensation of any boundaries, even if, you still know they are there.

Communication is very important and in this context, this might translate into you knowing exactly what you want, reading characteristics of products and looking into aspects you don’t know. This means that you will have to mix the fun and excitement of shopping with thorough research, especially if you plan on buying something expensive, not your everyday goods.

After the 15th, you will be able to instantly click with most people you come across, perhaps because you are open and don’t try to pretend anything. You are sincere and quite laid back and although for you this doesn’t seem like a big deal, for those you come in contact with, it will actually be very attractive.

Your stubborn moment

This also happens in the work place and it might be connected with this holiday spirit and the fact that, although you care very much about work, you are prepared to make some compromises to be in tune with everyone else in the office.

There may be a meeting, however, that will actually be the exception from the rule, perhaps happening around the 18th. You will prove quite stubborn in regard to a particular matter, especially if it also has some sort of personal resonance for you.

This will not make the best impression with those you are dealing with and neither with the other colleagues that are involved. Secretly, some may agree with you but you won’t feel this support out front.

Instead of being all demoralized, you will actually feel stronger because you sort of regard this as your bravery moment of standing against the crowd.

Remind yourself what is important

Around the 26th, you might want to use your personal charm to good use, most likely in the setting of your love life, which you will have sort of neglected up to that point. You are very keen on spending time with your loved one but don’t really want to get involved with all the planning.

If you don’t sweat off this laziness, you are not going to achieve much because it seems that the expectations towards you are quite big. Venus will try to push some sort of break but if you don’t make any movement, this is useless.

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