Aquarius July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 4718 views

The only thing limiting your potential this July will be your own mind so from now on, you should consider yourself warned. There are many things to discover and experience this month and it would be a shame if you would not let yourself enjoy them.

You are going to have moments in which you will be very sociable but also moments in which your aloofness will reach crazy levels. These ups and downs may stress you more than it is necessary.

The stars appear to be on your side in terms of creating meaningful occasions for you and in case you have someone dear next to you, they are also going to dedicate themselves to you fully.

This is also a month of heavy demands and extra responsibilities at work but you will most likely navigate most of them smoothly, without even taking too much notice of them. No wonder people may get slightly jealous of you because of how resilient you are.


Enhance! Keep your smile high on your face throughout times of hard work. You are being respected for how professional you are and you should strive to maintain your role model position.

Great self-development opportunities

You are going to be rather argumentative for the first few days of July, under the Mercury Mars opposition. You are definitely going to borrow from the boldness and defiance of Mars and will be very outspoken as well.

The day to day rhythm will need to be increased to keep up with your agitated behaviour and those who are going to be most impacted are actually going to be your friends because this is also a time in which you spend a big proportion of your day with them.

The warning here is to think twice before you launch any bold statements out there, especially in the workplace. You most certainly don’t want to be involved in any controversy because it seems that there are eyes on you.

It may be that you are being groomed for a different position or some other kind of self-development opportunity may soon come up so you want to be on your best behaviour.


Watch out! You are not really that mentally prepared for any hostile reactions you may encounter, both at work and at home, so you will likely react out of impulse, which, again, is not something to be desired.

If you manage to survive the very first days, then you may find that from the 5th onwards, all is flowery and warm around you, under the Sun trine Jupiter aspect.

Of course you won’t calm down overnight but it may be that your priorities change and you end up being more focused on your personal comfort than on achievements and on competing with others.

Your partner will be very pleased to see you slowing down and whilst they may not be open about this, you will notice that they are more relaxed in your presence.


TOP TIP of the month: The second weekend of the month is a great moment for some romantic escapade, one in which you can both make some enthusiastic plans for the future, all under the watchful eye of the Mercury square Jupiter aspect.

Under a watchful eye

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th is likely to bring you with your feet on the ground and may give you a bit of a head ache, from both a metaphoric and literal point of view.

You are not going to benefit from your usual energy and may suffer from occasional aches. This is not the time to start any practical endeavours around the house so if there is something urgent you want to tend to, perhaps it is better to call in a specialist.

Around the 18th, you might find that you are very interested in artistic activities, like going to the theatre or to museums.

If you are on your holiday this will be very easily done but if you are struggling to keep a work home balance and can’t really have the time, then some sort of compromise will be expected.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun square Uranus aspect debuting on the 25th will open your mind to new ideas but you may also need to keep away from uncertainty and from reasons to doubt yourself. Beware of abrupt changes at this time.

The Venus Jupiter sextile on the 22nd will appear to be getting everyone around you in a party mode but you will not be easily impressed with this. You will be charming and will not hesitate to socialize but you will also impose some personal limitations.

There may also be natives who will prefer to spend more time at home rather than spend money on nights out, perhaps because there are trying to save to fulfil a bigger goal.

Week commencing the 23rd appears to be an auspicious time for financial commitments, from settling past debt to important, perhaps even life changing, purchases.

But you may want to hurry with the negotiations or any other communications because from the 26th onwards, Mercury is going retrograde so things will be significantly slowed down.

As the month comes to an end, under the Venus Pluto trine you are looking the part and will, again, try to charm your partner. You will take out any seduction techniques you have used in the past and will pleasantly surprise your love interest.

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