Aquarius July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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A good summer for you and we are just getting close to its middle. You will be able to enjoy happy results on every aspect of your life - career, finance, love and health. Avoid hasty decisions and seek to carefully analyze things before acting.

Don’t let any success get to your head because this is where problems might start. Some natives may even be faced with some sentimental failure, and they will be quick to blame anyone they set their eyes on.

This month, you are expected to do the right thing, even if this takes you on the arduous road, instead of the shortcut. But at least you will be proud of yourself and will not have any future doubts about your decisions.

You show responsibility, maturity, and you will have a lot of admiration from others, and that will help you enormously to overcome anything!

This is a summer in which you can relax and enjoy the fruits that will come from the previous period, especially on a professional level. You will have countless financial gains and you will enjoy a generous positive and joyful state.

According to the stars, harmony in friendships of all sorts, will persist in July. New and old links will be in bloom. So, Aquarius will have to consolidate mutual trust and have faith again in other people.

July highlights

The month might start with you under a bit of a strain from your social life. Perhaps there are some extra expectations of your entourage, expectations that you can’t easily meet, and you will feel quite guilty about it.

Don’t worry because this won’t last for too long and during the second week of July, you will get an unexpected break from this problem. You will, however, be required to take definite action and will need to be bold about what you want to do.

Around the middle of the month you will slow down a bit, perhaps seeking some means of relaxation and being more interested in your own persona as opposed to others. That will be a great time for meditation and even for dealing with chores around the home.

And speaking about the home, you may find that the more you postpone things, the greater the revenge with which they come upon you. Take time off if needed and just deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

You will feel much more at ease when it’s all sorted. It may even be that a family member will help you, and you can use this as a bonding time between the two of you.

During the last week of July, you might want to be careful at work, because some kind of incident might put a dent in your reputation, whether someone bad-mouths you or you end up slipping something naughty.

Aquarius love horoscope for July 2019

Serious attention is strongly advised at the start of July, right until the 12th, a period in which all sorts of inconveniences may arise in romantic relationships or all sorts of confusions may prevent relationship from reaching their peak potential.

Communication is desirable and could potentially fix anything and everything but it seems like there isn’t much availability for people to just sit down at a table and talk.

You can expect the partner to take a stand and bring you all sorts of accusations about your infidelity or other issues. It is not excluded that you now find a secret, in relation to your love life, which could inflame the tension in the relationship further.

In the second part of July, you are being recommended to think well before you endanger your marriage with a love affair you might be tempted towards.

Career progress this month

Prepare for the Sun Eclipse occurring on the 2nd because it will surely shake your professional life.

It’s the best time to start a new project at work, but only if you are surrounded by real professionals. If you are on your own and have no one to count on, perhaps you need to think twice about what you want to do.

Be careful about backstage games and plots, tensions that arise out of nowhere and people who change their mind at the flick of a lightbulb.

You may only be able to understand more clearly certain situations at the workplace, the intentions of the bosses and some of the colleagues, etc. so don’t expect to know it all.

Be grateful for what you have at the moment and try not to generate any unnecessary sources of stress for yourself.

There may be misunderstandings with your business partners, or you may find that you have enemies where you would expect less but if you are diplomatic enough, you can navigate this smoothly, throughout the month.

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