Aquarius July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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For Aquarius, July announces a period of time that challenges them to recognize some internal impulses that are somehow ignored. Some events may end up streamlining your relationship with family, loved ones, as well as with partners from various fields of existence.

Aquarius wants to have a quiet time with family. That's why they start working more from home to be close to their loved ones. This will help them realize how important family time is.

This month you socialize more than usual. Thus, you meet new people with whom you are on the same wavelength and, in addition, you have moments that will turn into beautiful memories. You're starting to discover new things about yourself.

July 2020 highlights

At the start of July, Aquarius' emotions will be more intense - so intense that they may even overshadow their usual analytical thinking. You may feel lost in your experiences, which could lead to depression. The best thing for you would be to relax and go on a pleasant vacation with your family.

You will realize how much close people can help you and that you do not always have to assume the role of psychologist. July will be a time that will open your eyes - family relationships will now be more important than ever.

According to the stars, the harmony in relations will persist in July. Now is the time for love. New and old connections will be in bloom. So Aquarius will have to strengthen each other's trust and have love again. Thanks to the overflowing energy, you will be able to enjoy the sport you have given up on.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 3rd: Avoid letting your actions be ruled by jealous and envy.

Around the 9th: Some earning opportunities may arise from a mutual acquaintance.

Around the 13th: Don’t feel overwhelmed by what others are doing, you have your own pace.

Around the 26th: No need to divide between home and personal hobbies, you can do both just as well.

Around the 31st: Monitor your mood closely and do something that relaxes you.

Aquarius love horoscope for July

Venus seems to be extremely generous with you this month, giving you a lot of opportunities in this regard ...

If you have a partner, you can bring him or her to new feelings and experience a surprising emotional connection, and thus relive both the thrills of love like at the start.

In case you are single, you seem to be attracted to the nets of several people who aspire to win your heart. All you have to do is choose the one who manages to touch the deepest, most sensitive strings of your soul!

The activity of the stars pumps up your mental activity, especially in actions on your own. However, it can be difficult for you to promote your plans because they are perceived with negativity or lack of understanding by others.

Avoid getting involved in important negotiations and be wary of people who may try to manipulate you or hurt you on a whim!

Career horoscope

At work, you are prone to stand out through non-conformist projects, very effective, which take your bosses by surprise. At the same time, your individual professional actions tend to facilitate your most notable accomplishments at work.

Unpleasant memories, aspects of the past can be more painful than usual and seem to haunt you again, being necessary to examine them lucidly, to understand their teachings and, in this way, to drive them out of your inner world once and for all.

The current disposition determines you to demonstrate to others your sense of responsibility. You know instinctively when to stop revealing your opinions to others, and you are much more receptive to what they say.

Towards the end of the month you may be put in front of unpredictable changes in daily life. Routine detachment helps you get rid of overwhelming sources of stress. The more flexible you are, the more you can transpose detrimental situations in opportunities.

Your wellbeing this month

This month, it appears that the interactions with those around you are stimulated by your curiosity, the impulse to find out what others think, including about you. This gives you the opportunity to accumulate new, valuable information in the development of your main activities. More conversations with relatives, colleagues, carried out mainly by phone or on the Internet, illuminate new ways of action.

In the second decade of the month, you are impelled to take the initiative, to impose your will in the family, in order to protect it as much as possible, to avoid it from unnecessary risks. Sometimes, this inclination to lead those close to you can give rise to confrontations, fierce quarrels!

Your mind can be troubled by intense emotions, so you need to invigorate your thinking with an iron logic. However, you have the best ideas when you are around loved ones, as long as you allow them to express their views freely.

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