Aquarius July 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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In case things aren’t evolving the way you want them to evolve, then it’s inevitable that the moment isn’t welcoming, especially in the month’s beginning. Don’t put pressure on yourself and be realistic.

Don’t set any limits either. This is a month under the highest surveillance. Your feelings are failing, and fearing failure is catching you. In the month’s beginning, you’re going to be in a crisis, not knowing what sort of decision to make. So, you will have to make a decision.

Why not take a vacation to escape the everyday life’s hassle. Summer is bringing you all sort of opportunities, so starting from a new base is a very good alternative.

Coping with changes and making new arrangements will be a moment job, even if the time is of holidays. If you can, change your environment, and if you work, give yourself the moments of escaping by performing an activity. Around July 21st, you will find the energy to do whatever you want.

July 2022 Highlights

Most planets are in the sign’s Western sector, at their maximum position, whereas the sign’s ruler, Uranus is in retrograde, minimizing voluntary work and the power struggles, cultivating your social gifts. You probably won’t do what’s best, so look for consensus, no matter what you might be doing.

This isn’t a month in which you need to be right, it’s the month of being loved and loving. Put the other people first, and this way, you will allow the good to come on your way, this being the right time. Adapt with happiness to the situations coming your way, noting the improvements you can make for the future.

There will be many planets in the Water element of feelings for this month. Temper your logic with understanding how sensitive others are. This is a month in which people are hypersensitive, so things that don’t matter, such as your voice’s tone, wrong gestures or words, can produce all sort of strong reactions.

On July 23rd, there will be the important planetary shift of the Horoscope’s lower half, going to the upper half, so next month, your shift will pronounce. The profession will be more important, and you will be free to remain focused on it, which is very beneficial for your profession.

Pay attention, as attention brings energy. The profession will begin to be more important, and you will have the freedom to remain focused, which is in itself very beneficial to your profession. Paying attention is energy, whereas energy is producing success. But, adding to it, the planet Pluto from recent times has been receiving all sort of aspects that are difficult, now beginning to receive all sort of harmonious aspects.

There should be amazing progress when it comes to profession and the professional categories involved. Pluto, your planet of career will still be retrograde, so a lot of the progress will happen behind closed doors, but you have probably already noticed the vibrations changing.

Love will be active, unstable, and exciting. What’s new with that? This will be your life story for many years. Romantic opportunities are going to appear, and many things will happen in your social life. You will have many options, but you need to stabilize your affection and make a commitment.

Mars being present in your 7th House, starting with the 13th is indicating how your relationship is being put to the test. This won’t be a good idea to get involved into anything, but it might be difficult to avoid it. If power struggles can’t be avoided, they can be minimized. Love may appear as suddenly as it will go away.

There will be financial disagreements hard to avoid. Keep your balance. While you will be in good health, relax and rest more starting with the 23rd. Diets and health programs will go well, as you will be intensely interested in them. Apparently, for this time period, you will want to be in a fitness program with many life aspects, as being healthy won’t be enough for you. In case you are in are in entrepreneurship or you’re looking to work, the month’s aspects are fabulously good for you.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for July

At the month’s beginning, things will be harsh when it comes to love, so you will be trying to anticipate things, yet nothing will help. Ignite powder will only take a spark. You will be indecisive, untactful and not have any empathy. Your relationship is going to weaken, and communication will break down.

Luckily, on the 17th, someone is going to give you what answers you have been looking for. Between the 7th and the 15th, things are going to be more complicated. You will have a difficult time agreeing with different issues. There will be emotional confusion, but not as much, many opinion differences, things are going to quickly be back to order, on the 18th.

You can schedule your love moment and your calm will return. The opportunity of meeting all sort of new people are being present, yet you won’t be convinced. Your doubts are preventing you from making your real plans. By July 12th, you don’t need to force anything.

A meeting will be very important for you. Lovers and married couples are going to have their peers’ unconditional support, proving how affectionate love is for them. Let them be guided by you and talk about what’s happening.

It will be important to understand that you don’t own the truth. Don’t be stubborn and intolerant. The lonely will find all sort of surprises. When they will least expect it, and helped by Cupid, they will come across someone they have loved in the past, which will make them feel the same they did before.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those involved in a relationship of dependency will have all sort of opportunities to advance at their job. Pay attention to your intuition and do what your voice is dictating. This is a manner in which you will be recognized, have economic improvements, and get promotions.

Professionals and freelancers are going to feel compelled when it comes to making the changes at the job. Uranus and Jupiter, which are both transforming planets, are going to help you find all sort of important and new income sources that are going to give them financial stability.

The private life complication is going to transcend the workplace borders. Aquariuses will become irritated, and it’s very likely they will start friction with those who give them company in what they are doing. Frictions should be avoided if they want to be more serious. They need to act more, to think, and to argue less, especially if they want to dissolve any tension and calm the temper. When it comes to laboring, remain active and sharpen your attention every way you can, as this is going to be the best way for you to have the results wanted.

In July, Aquariuses will have a tough period when it comes to money, as a result of Ceres retrograding in the sign’s 2nd House, on the 6th, the location where the planet Neptune is also going to be in retrograde. Neptune and Ceres as well in retrograde in the Aquarius’s 2nd House, is implying that the native is also not aware of how the situation with the money is or doesn’t consider how the budget was when the expenses was established.

For the trend to be counteracted, you need to be plan and focus on the goal that really matters to you. Beware of those who are trying to take advantage of how generous and selfless you are. When it comes to work, Venus being present in the 5th House of Aquarius is suggesting there’s the intense creative flow that can be channelled in the execution of how your artistic nature is going.

You will also focus on designing the strategies that are leading you towards making your dreams come true. In the same manner, Mercury in your 6th House on the 12th is indicating the start of a direct trajectory. You will be redirecting communications, find the documents that you have lost, adjust the systems managed, and nurture your relationships with your work colleagues.

Your Wellbeing This Month

There will be good influences when it comes to avoiding health problems. However, in case you don’t control your diet, nor overindulge in meals that are highly elaborated, or in case you’re not resting enough, nothing will bring any good results.

This is a month when the digestive system is going to be a vulnerable area, and especially the spine and the stomach, if physical exercise and making excessive efforts is avoided. The achievements and satisfactions of the month will depend on you, and you won’t be able to delay the progress of the month as a result of the prevented symptoms.

Take good care of your throat, nose and ear areas. The symptoms of these body parts shouldn’t be ignored. An easy cold can lead to sinusitis, which is a disease that, even if not serious, can be prolonged and annoying. While in some situations, attacking the symptoms directly won’t be necessary, it’s recommended that you are carrying on with prevention treatments. This is why homeopathy will be important.

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