Aquarius June 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-05-25, 3331 views

This June is going to be a terribly social month but at the same time you will have some moments in which you will feel better on your own. You are also craving some sort of change but spend too much time complaining about this and too little time actually doing something about it.

You will find it easier to come up with solutions to other people’s problems and just procrastinate when it comes to yours. Also, you prefer to keep your emotions to yourself no matter how much your partner may be trying to get you to open up.

The more creative solutions you come up with, the more confident you become in your powers. The only word of caution is to not take any unnecessary risks. The reward may be great but the chances to get where you want to are quite small compared to the consequences you have to live through.

Challenging times

The first week of the month comes with some family challenges, perhaps someone is trying to defend something they did and they are putting you in a difficult position.

You are very keen on showing who you really are in this particular situation but might be blocked by the need to remain impartial and diplomatic.

You will take out these frustration on your partner most likely, but this is to happen later on in the month as you seem to bottle them just fine for now.

There may be some medical issues that require urgent intervention but you are not in any way panicking about the whole thing. You are taking everything as it is being said to you and don’t even think about creating all sorts of scenarios in your mind.

Quite busy

Around the 12th, nothing can take away your enthusiasm as you try to resolve a personal matter. You are playing by the rules and this makes you feel comfortable, no matter the result.

You should try and make this mood last longer because you only have benefits to extract from it. Some natives are also going to be a lot more patient than usual with those close to them, especially young people.

On the other hand, if something or someone annoys you, then you are prepared to speak out and are not going to let anyone go, especially if they did something wrong to you. It seems that you are not very forgiving this June and a sense of justice is always there around you.

The 16th, with some help from the stars, will be a day in which you will tackle some domestic issues and perhaps run some errands you have long avoided.

On a budget

The second half of June might start with a bit of a financial fright and you will have to stick to a strict budget for a while. Perhaps you have some debt to pay off or are trying to save for an item you now urgently need.

In any case, you are going to take advantage by this occasion to gather everyone’s compassion and to show just how responsible and frugal you can be. This is more to show others, especially those who have doubted you.

Deep inside however, you are unhappy with the situation and there are quite small chances for you to actually learn something from what happened and not repeat the same thing in the future.

Passionate times

Mars and Mercury are to spice things in the bedroom and beyond it and it seems that the single natives are actually the ones to benefit most from this. You are very concerned with your image and will probably spend quite a lot of time pampering yourself.

Luckily, this is not what will attract your prospective partners, but your attitude. Some natives will actually move quite fast and take some things from a game stage to something slightly more serious, perhaps in a matter of days.

You are also preoccupied with work and this might put some roadblocks in reagr to how much time you can dedicate to going out.

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