Aquarius June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-05-20, 4675 views

Throughout this June, it may feel as if the whole world is waiting for a reaction from you. This may be going on because you will be in the spotlight with some professional endeavours and many of those involved will require something from you.

But despite this pressure, you are also set to have a great time and will most likely remain in this energised mode for the majority of the month.

There will also be moments in which you will doubt yourself and home will be the easiest escape. But after spending a few days away from it all, something in you will start aching and you will long to return in the trenches.

This June may bring a fiery love affair to some, a passion that will consume all of your free time and that will get you to leave all your friends and most of your social life behind you.

Beware of associating big expectations with this and try to simply enjoy the journey. There may be no destination to it so there is no need to complicate things emotionally.

Another signal the stars are sending out this June is to nurture yourself, to have an objective look at what you do best and at what you need to improve and to jump on board any opportunities for self-development that may arise.


TOP TIP of the month: June debuts with you in good terms with almost everyone, especially in the work place, which means that you will have a united group with whom to tackle any arising challenges.

How are your expectations?

The first few days of June will remain under the flattering auspices of the May 29th Full Moon, so that you will be given a fast paced and wittiness, just what you need to be competitive and to remain confident.

Underneath this bold attitude however, there will be a lot of emotions and compassion so this is the time of the month when you are most likely to be taken as a fool. I know, we are putting things in a rather depressive perspective, but wouldn’t you want to know the truth?

On the other hand, you appear to be a in a good place with your social life and the first week of June will mean a lot of interactions and a lot of optimism via the endeavours of other people.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect developing on the 4th, you may want to stay away from speculations and lengthy contracts. Keep things simple and keep your expectations under control too.

Move in the directions of things that truly interest you, rather than things that are simply commercial. With Saturn retrograde, you may sometimes be lacking self-control in interactions with others.


Enhance! If you want to move away from any discomfort or work-related stress you will need not feel guilty about taking numerous breaks.

Positive vibes will be arriving in your life via the June 13 New Moon. This is a good time for blooming friendships and for good fortune.

Try your hand at something you have no clue whether you are good at and you will be surprised by the result. In its essence, this aspect is one promoting new projects and fresh relationships.

A new phase of your life may start, with a need to tone down enthusiasm but tone up hard work. You need to channel that fire inside you, perhaps into a humanitarian endeavour that could help settle some injustice that has been going on in the world.

Venus square Uranus between the 13th and the 16th may come up with fresh love perspectives and will promote patience and understanding between the partners. There is no time for hiding and for playing games and major drama is a no-no.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus Mars opposition aspect commencing on the 21st may pose some challenges when trying to meet everyone’s expectations but there is also the good news of all your efforts being rewarded.

Sharp action required

After the 19th of June, Venus will oppose Mars, thus increasing both sexual tension and physical desires. In short, your body will definitely not be listening to your mind. You will unleash yourself and actually have a good time but also the fangs of jealousy and selfish are going to surface.

You will most likely be taunted by all sort of doubts and will subconsciously test your partner against all of these. The only big mistake you can make during this time is not to believe actual evidence, when presented before your eyes.

With Mercury opposing Pluto on the 22th, your mind will enter in a new dimension and you will be very sharp at work. New ideas will be everywhere but a mind like yours will be required in order to develop them.

This is the time of the month when greed and a materialistic attitude will trump any good thoughts or emotions that you may have going on.


Watch out! You may want to keep some opinions to yourself this month, especially those that, even yourself, think of as controversial.

Whilst some may not understand where this is coming from, seeing that after the 27th Mars is retrograding in your neighbour Capricorn’s money house, your intuition was just preparing you for a rather difficult time, especially connected to important purchases.

The Full Moon on the 28th will put your family life in a different perspective and will leave aside some inhibitions that have been lingering on.

It’s finally the moment to be honest about your opinions and to challenge any assumptions that are wrong. There is this willingness about you to break the norm but it is manifested in a totally decent and controlled manner.

The last two days of the month will be placed under the Mercury square Uranus auspices, changing how you feel about daily routines and bringing you a new sense of peace with what you have achieved so far.

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