Aquarius June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-05-26, 4695 views

Prepare to have a good time this June. Your chances of becoming acquainted with a potential partner are quite high and the stars will give you a positive energy that is charming to those around you.

There will be a strong spark between you and the person you know. According to the stars, this month you will have the most chances to form new connections, and not only just in love. Do not allow your chance to escape through your fingers, just because you are scared of trying something new.

The Neptune retrograde motion will bring further uncertainty in your life but don’t let this scare you or prevent you from doing the things you really want to do.

Avoid the temptation of escaping to your ivory tower of idealism. Being a dreamer will simply not solve anything now.

Concentrate on your home, family and comfort instead. Be careful about falling into an old routine at work.

June highlights

The moth starts quite abruptly for you, with the potential of some events that can have a strong emotional impact relative to your family life.

In case of any tensions, you will be the one to communicate effectively with everyone else and will be able to calm down the spirits and make everyone feel like they are being listened to.

Around the middle of the month you will look into putting a hobby of yours to greater work and might start earning some money out of your activities.

You may also start making plans for the future and even talk to some people who could potentially help you scale things up, based on their previous experiences.

Your productivity will also increase during the second half of the month, whether you decide to proceed with your personal plans or just focus on work.

Around the 20th, there is a great time to learn something new or change something in your lifestyle, perhaps take on a healthy habit or exercise lightly.

During the second half of the month you will need to be careful to your actions, not stretch anyone’s patience or step on anyone’s toes because not everyone will be so understanding with you.

There may also be some possibilities to link new partnerships or to enter into other collaborations. It is also possible for your client portfolio to grow on this background.

No matter how busy you are with everything, leave room for rest and personal activities to enjoy, relax!

Aquarius love horoscope for June 2019

The New Moon occurring on the 3rd is likely to activate your fifth house, that of love, which means you have the chance to bring a new breath to your love affair, surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner or some different gesture to get you closer.

If you have no one yet, but someone attracts you, then surely it’s time to take advantage of this astral energy to make your feelings known, to make an invitation to a night out, a movie, an exhibition, etc.

Venus will also help you reach peak romance, right from the start of the month. So from the 9th onwards, you should practice the power of seduction, to travel with your loved one or do whatever it takes to meet an interesting person far away from you, maybe even abroad.

If you are already a part of a well-founded couple, the situation is shining on you too, you are again looking at your loved one with great fondness and even prepare some moments of passion and delight around the 17th.

Single-minded natives have nothing to complain about. Life puts in their way a lot of possibilities to find someone, even on occasions they would never expect it.

Besides, Aquarians looking for love should take into account the fact that the June 2019 transitions support temporary and very adventurous flings rather than obligations or long-term commitments.

Career progress this month

Those born in Aquarius are favoured more than usual in their career and tend to see their aspirations in the professional sphere even closer to realisation than other times, but they can be also confronted with financial illusions or scams.

You can have an excellent career path in June if you are ambitious. Whether you have an important function or just an ordinary post, you will have the luck of a positive change.

Around the 17th of June, with the Full Moon in Sagittarius you will be able to promote the products or services you are working on and perhaps get an advancement.

If you are looking to change work, in June 2019 you have more chances to find something to please you, a job where you feel you can express yourself, where you really want to put your talents and skills.

But you should not lose sight of the possibility of turning a hobby, a talent or a passion into a business, even if smaller, at least at the beginning.

From a financial point of view, things are not too clear. You may face a resounding disappointment if you expect revenue or support through a group, from working with an organization, from a joint project, or from a quick and easy job.

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