Aquarius June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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June marks a profitable period for most Aquarius people. Their chances of meeting a potential partner are quite high and you will find that you emit a positive energy that is very attractive to those around you.

According to the stars, this month you will have the best chances to form new connections, and not only in romantic matters. Don't let the chance slip through your fingers, in a business matter either.

June 2020 highlights

June is a month full of surprises for Aquarius natives. You will have fun and experience new things. You will be on a winning slope, so you can even go ahead and play the lottery, who knows what could happen, because the win is on your side.

During this period, kindness will be your daily reality. If you are in a long-term relationship, you will think intensely about the next step. Do it, because June and his energy are ideal for such proposals, and your partner will most likely be open to the proposal.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 3rd: Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones.

Around the 8th: Avoid unnecessary expenses and start saving.

Around the 15th: Good atmosphere at home so take advantage and spend more time there.

Around the 22nd: Keep in mind that your assertiveness could be confused with aggression.

Around the 27th: You may be more tired than usual, just listen to your body.

Aquarius love horoscope for June

In June, Venus is retrograding exactly in the love sector and here there will be confusion, tensions and re-evaluations, the most exposed being the relationships that are at the beginning of the road, which are not consolidated and in which communication is not coagulated.

The Aquarius are advised to avoid entering into a new relationship now, although the desire, the temptation, may be great, so as not to be disappointed later. Those who are in a couple may feel constrained in the relationship, suffocated, bored.

You may feel that your partner does not capitalize on what you both enjoy as they wish for you may have their own separate passions.

Conflicts can arise due to money, but also a desire of the natives to show off through a personal talent, especially if it is related to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication and, yes, they can make money as well.

Those who are parents are advised to pay more attention to their children's education. It is a sector where more involvement is needed, maybe even a rethinking of the learning strategy.

Career and finances

The two eclipses of June, both the lunar one on the 5th and the solar one on the 21st will prove to be relevant for your professional life.

The lunar eclipse takes place in your eleventh house, so it is possible that there will be a turning point in your future plans or an online project; maybe, because of the times, you have to move your activity quickly in the virtual environment.

The energy of this eclipse can bring to light certain professional dissatisfaction with partners, which make you ask yourself serious questions about the future of contracts or associations.

The June transits suggest that a business partnership could cause you money dissatisfaction, for example due to disagreements with associations over what investments should be made.

The Mars Neptune conjunction occurring between the 10th and 15th in your second house may leave you day dreaming about get rich solutions but also a little out of touch about your real spending needs and current debts.

The solar eclipse takes place in your sixth house, where it will be meeting a retrograde Mercury (which had started on the 18th). It is possible for important changes to occur at work or you may have to change jobs or retrain.

Your wellbeing this month

It's time to change your lifestyle. In June, the stars will be on your side and prove to you that efforts can be made and your goals are within reach.

Both eclipses in June 2020 are relevant to your health and so it becomes clear that it would be good for you to rest more or change your lifestyle voluntarily and without being forced by anyone.

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