Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 2884 views

If you are craving for peace and quiet, you might want to skip this March because you are not getting any. This is going to be a noisy month in all respects for you, starting from what is going on in your own mind, at home, whenever you are there, because chances are you won’t be there too much.

A month of both generosity and selfishness that will make you wander between extremes, at time knowing exactly what you want while other times dwelling between so many options. Exciting times, ha?!

Exploring our options

Well, it is indeed going to be a fun ride although you might have to wait for its peak until the 9th or so. Before this you are going to be a bit limited to work and home and it will be up to you how you want to entertain yourself in the very little free time you will have.

I would suggest you to focus on your relationship and spend a few nights in a row just relaxing with your partner. As the middle of the month approaches, although the conjuncture might permit you to spend time together, you won’t actually have time for you two.

Around the 10th you get the chance to explore some new options you weren’t really aware of in regards to a project you are currently undertaking.

And even the simple idea of having a choice will rise you high in the sky. Just be careful not to fall from there because the risk associated is just as high as the reward.

A kind word of advice would tell you to involve someone you trust in this choice of yours, even if only for the opinion and even if at the end you will still do what you want.

What do you know

These are also highly educational times so don’t be surprised if you find yourself to be thirsty for knowledge or trying all kinds of new things just to see what they are all about.

You are also willing to check your knowledge and Mercury will help you with that. You have your words with you but maybe at times you are being a bit too hasty.

Work might give you the chance to prepare some sort of presentation or a speech and will put you in the spotlight. No need to stress too much, just make sure you have everything ready beforehand and don’t count too much on improvising.

This might also give you the opportunity to see how people react to what you have to say and in case there is a convincing component in your presentation, see if you’ve actually achieved your purpose.

Too much exaggeration

The full Moon on the 19th will actually make you think twice about the money you are earning and what you are doing with them. On the bright side, it will make you a lot more responsible and maybe you will even start saving or something.

Too bad it will only last as much as the Moon and you’ll probably get back to your old habits as soon as the first temptation kicks in.

And while at it, during this responsible outburst you might also feel as if you are not doing enough and while drawing a line feel as if you are short of a lot of experience.

This will probably get you in overdrive at work, maybe even spend some extra hours or helping out with assignments that aren’t even yours in the first place. Of course this will be good news for your colleagues but you need to rest as well so don’t exaggerate with that.

The opinions of others

Towards the end of the month, you might have gotten so used to the freedom experimented that you will feel as if some of those close to you are trying to limit you while in reality all that they are trying to do is to keep you with your feet on the ground.

You risk exaggerating certain aspects more than you can imagine and those older than you are quick to notice that.

If you are not willing to take them in consideration at least be polite to them so you don’t start any unnecessary discussions or even worse, an open conflict.

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