Aquarius March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 3916 views

You are going to be quite flirty this March and not take many things seriously. Some will look at you and be jealous because they don’t feel they can do the same while others will be openly critical. You can’t please them all and you shouldn’t even think about this.

You have a mind of your own and it seems that you are not afraid to show it, although this might end up with you being a bit of a social outcast in your circle of friends.

It seems that when challenged you are very bold and keep your position but then at home, emotions are quite frequent and you really show your essence. The ones who have a shoulder to cry one, especially a partner, are going to find this easier to go through.

Money going round

But there isn’t all complications and confrontation. It seems that when it comes to money, your efforts are paying off. The wise thing would be to put some aside but again, you are quite interested in indulging yourself and this has more chances to happen.

Investments are something that can go either way, so your best bet is to benefit from the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing.

Be careful with any contracts and fine print because although you might feel you have enough experience with those, there is always a possible element of surprise to turn things around.

And speaking about money, some friends who you sort of lost contact with, are going to be suddenly interested in your wellbeing.

Communication at its best

Mars is making you a lot more direct than usual so you are not really going to waste any precious time doing small talk. Depending on who you are engaging with, this is going to cause more or less nuisance.

You are not very radical or come up with anything that is a real offense but at times, some may feel you are rushing things.

With others, it may be that they are feeling you are trying to trick them or something like that. In any case, a lot of this rushed behavior is not playing in your favor and it doesn’t put you in a convincing or professional light. Think more and speak less.

What you treasure

If you are caught in a good mood, you are going to do more for others than you would normally do, and perhaps at the end judge yourself for investing too much effort.

But it is easy for you to get excited when you have someone to speak to about something that interests you. There will be some lengthy encounters this March that you will feel have eventually been a bit of a waste of time.

But this is not really the case and perhaps you are treating things too harsh and too black or white. This is still about experiences and not necessarily about what you get from every waking hour.

You might translate this attitude in your love life and if you partner gets a feel of this selfishness of yours, surely discussions will follow.

Channeling some drama

You won’t resist not getting involved in someone else’s drama around the 20th and might end up suffering with them on the way. Perhaps you are just being nice or somewhat feel responsible for what is going on because of something you have said.

Most of your behavior will be related to some feelings of guilt you have from the past. And it seems that this incident will make you think, long and hard about some things you have experienced yourself and perhaps you will come up with some other ways of reacting to that.

There is no need to torment yourself about things that are done and buried, especially if they are not surfacing for you. Some of that negative emotion is going to put a toll on your health as well so don’t be surprised if you are going to feel a lot weaker than usual.

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