Aquarius March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3063 views

Whilst from a weather point of view, Spring may or may not have arrived where you live, in your life, given what this season represents and the myriad of astrological aspects taking place this March, you sure need to wake up and get going.

There will be many occasions in which you will get the chance to show decency and common sense although you may feel hurt on the inside. With Mercury trine Jupiter, some of your worries may be whisked way but the emotional charge of situations will stay on.

With the visit of Mercury and Venus through Aries, you are both inclined to listen to your feelings and act them up but there is also this underlying idea that you need to be strong to succeed. You will tend to be goal oriented and won’t let people out of your watch.

Towards the end of March, you may get the chance to come face to face with a great fear of yours, and I say the chance, because something will definitely happen in the chemistry of your mind and you will feel confident that you can tackle that.


What more interesting debut of March than with a full Moon, a great moment to check where you are and what you want to do further. This is a time to check your resources and see how you can replenish them.

Your instincts and emotions are naturally at full peak and your awareness and intuition are raised. You may find that you have a more balanced view of life and will not necessarily rush into things.

Not a bad time to fine tune any aspects of ongoing work. You may also get the chance to harvest the benefits of previous collaboration work. Make sure you share them with everyone involved and steer away any selfish intentions that may surface.

Couple with a retrograde movement of Jupiter that begins on the 8th and you are in for spiritual introspection. Enjoy your philosophical tendencies and surround yourself by the elderly and the wise.

Freedom seeking

Mars trine Uranus occurring late in the first half of March may get you thinking. Whilst in a sense you may be ready to let your hair down and enjoy where life takes you, there are still a lot of aspects in your life that you are not yet ready to break with.

Your controlling attitude may damage the otherwise pure and loyal emotions surrounding your relationship.

Single natives may drive any interested away during this period, perhaps by asking way too many questions or by stalking them on social media straight away.

The Mars trine Uranus aspect will push your limits and will have you want your freedom from tradition or any other limitations, whether you encounter these in the space of work or at home. You will want to go with your instincts and it seems that some natives will be brave enough to do so.

Others will prefer to dream with their eyes open as to how their ideal life would look like and will likely spend a few days in this idealism like state.

A balance between work and rest

A passionate time ahead after the 16th so you might want to use wisely that weekend there, perhaps for a romantic escape.

Mercury conjunct Venus is like the default best time to share your feelings and you should leave all fears aside. Even from an unlikely rejection, not only you will survive, but you will learn something about yourself and you will grow stronger.

Your intellectual abilities are also going to be heightened so take advantage of this, especially at work, starting Monday the 19th. You may want to be careful though not to get too mentally tired.

This is a good time to work with deadlines and perform analytical tasks but don’t get too carried away with this, especially if you are passionate about your work.

Don’t forget about breaks and take as many as you need, even this may mean that not everything gets accomplished in the initial timeframe you set.

An agitated state

Mercury retrogrades from March 22 onwards thus your nervous system will be solicited more than usual. You may find yourself anxiously preparing for activities you are otherwise enjoying.

Stress will only be of the negative kind and of course, there may be issues with communications and technology, as usual with Mercury retrograde.

On the other hand, away from all this agitation, you may find, in your mind, an enclave of thoughts that revolve around your loved one. You will tend to be more attentive and your care and affection will be well received and rewarded accordingly.

There is a warning as well, to avoid gossip and listening to the mean comments of others. Not only you are ruining your mood but you may also be attracting bad karma if you succumb to the temptation and start saying mean things yourself.

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