Aquarius March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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For Aquarians, March means a lot of work. You will receive additional tasks and responsibilities. If you want for things to turn out perfectly, then you will need to be very constant in your actions. This means that you really can’t afford, financially and mentally, to lose focus on the way.

Don’t make too many plans during the first half of the month because there will be several changes taking place and you will need to adapt quickly.

This doesn’t need to be stressful, although for a couple of days you might feel under a great pressure because of this.

During the second half of the month you will cross a quiet time and benefit from some harmonious relationships with those close.

Things will also look like they are recovering both financially and personally. You work on improving the way you communicate and this helps you, if you are single, to get to know a person of the opposite sex with whom you can have a long-term relationship.

March highlights

Be mindful of gossip and other discussions at the start of March and don’t let these things influence you. Even more, you should not be judgmental towards those close to you.

There are things that you observe others are doing wrong but in the majority of cases, it won’t really be on you to do something about this.

Your charisma will go a million miles and might even help you bag a new and very interesting friend but try not to get swept completely by the appearance of their glamorous life. Be grateful for what you have.

And speaking of being grateful, perhaps you should spend a little bit more time at home with your family and even extended relative circle towards the middle of the month. Everyone will be in a decent mood so you can avoid any cringe discussions.

Towards the end of the month opportunities for additional revenue and savings appear but be careful about initiatives that sound too good to be true. Beginning with 28, you may easily regain control of your finances, but there is a possibility that some reckless spending may continue for a short period of time.

Aquarius love horoscope for March

It appears that this month, the financial dimension of your love life will precede the emotional dimension. You are going to be very pragmatic and even put pressure on your partner with regards to some demands you have had for a while.

In couples who’ve been together for a long time there are endless discussions that seem to increase the confusion and misunderstanding rather than scatter them.

Mercury, the governing planet of the seventh house of Aquarius will not help with this either but at least triggers, in some Aquarians, some questions about what they really desire from their relationships.

Sone natives, might also feel, around the middle of the month, like they are not doing enough and will try to compensate this through some romantic gestures that might end up being deemed as exaggerated.

Aquarians who are looking for an adventure or - why not? - looking for a long-term relationship, may have extra doubts about their personal value but they are still quite agile when it comes to flirting their way in social situations.

Career progress this month

In the workplace things appear to be stable and for some cannot really be better and thus most natives should be grateful with what they have.

Enjoy the stability and you might find that out of it, you don’t only get to be more relaxed but perhaps you get some new ideas for advancement.

When spending a stable work period is the ideal time to save as you never know what may happen in the future.

Due to this good prosperous situation, people born under this sign will give themselves that whim they have always dreamed of and will fulfill one of their dreams.

This is all thanks to all their effort and perseverance for years, despite the fact that they thought that they would never reap up what they had sown.

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