Aquarius March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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As a result of their nature, Aquariuses may be tempted to just let pessimism overwhelm them in March, and this will lead to chaos, especially towards the month’s end, when the seasons changing, and the Moon will alter the way they’re feeling.

What they should do is not allow their feelings to take over and channel their energy into positiveness only. Water Bearers need to be strong and at the same time flexible if they don’t want to end the month with their moral in the ground.

March 2021 Highlights

In March, Aquarius people will change their approach to life and start planning on how to escape routine. More than this, they will think about their future and allow more people to join them in accomplishing the projects they will be offered.

As per the Horoscope predictions, Aquariuses will allow their creativity to be expressed, and this will have a positive influence in their financial sector because they will receive new business propositions that will increase their income.

They will have to work on building the foundations for a good social life, yet at the same time not forget to set some boundaries with others. It’s very likely they will be accompanied by their friends in adventures, something that will teach them how to trust and be open to communication.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for March

Your intimate thoughts will have you going crazily affective until the 20th. Starting with the 22nd, however, everything that’s close to your heart will open new opportunities for you.

As a matter of fact, Mars in Gemini and Venus in Aries will give you more chances for romance. Starting with the 22nd and until the 31st, love is going to hit you hard.

This month’s energies are rather neutral when it comes to your partner and until the 22nd, regardless of the powerful sensuality that makes your relationships sparkle.

On the other hand, starting with the 22nd, you and your other half will reactivate your feelings for each other, being in love like never before. You will both have a fiery desire for one another as well.

Intensity will be the word of your connection. In case you are single and tired of it, Mars will give you the energy to look for someone special the entire month. Mercury in your sign until the 15th makes you a master of words, whereas Venus will be established in your conjugal sector starting with the 22nd.

Make sure to make the most of it. The Zodiac put its heaviest weights on your constellation for some time, but you still have a great future ahead and you’re meant to evolve.

Focus on what has you feeling good, on your friends and your home. When it comes to your relationship, things are going to be easy.

Career and Finances Horoscope

You will have a changeable and unstable period at work. Salvation from this comes from you using your imagination and being creative. As a matter of fact, March will be a month in which you’re using your creativity.

In case you happen to be an artist, you will come up with one idea after another, and people will value you more for your beautiful mind.

The financial situation is going to be excellent, as money will come your way easily, during the month’s 2nd half the most. In case you have made some investments, you will start receiving the benefits and financial security will be ensured.

During the month’s last week, you could play the Stock Market, but not without being cautious when doing it. This March, you give the most importance to family.

You will have some worries in the home front, not to mention your children will darken your sense of humor. It’s even likely you may lose one of your little ones at the supermarket or in a crowded place, so you will be incredibly nervous.

You will need to fix this problem quick and after spend time at home because this is the only place where you’re feeling emotionally balanced. Make sure your house speaks to you and says you’re safe and wealthy.

This time period is perfect for renovating and making repairs. Reaching agreements and communication will be favored too.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Aquariuses will have a resentful nervous system because of Uranus, which is also their ruler and will enter Capricorn to after visit Aquarius when April begins.

Water Bearers should make sure they don’t have a too sedentary lifestyle, so they need to exercise and take measures for their posture to be corrected, especially if they don’t want any joint problems.

As much as possible, they shouldn’t lose sleep during the night because they can end up completely exhausted. It’s necessary for them to drink chamomile tea that calms their nerves and to be control themselves.

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