Aquarius May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2767 views

You are not very keen on doing too much work this May, not to mention helping others, so unlike your usual self, you will aim towards spending time relaxing and having as little activities planned for each day, as possible. It’s not that you are lazy but more like you are subliminally tired and you need to catch up with yourself.

And perhaps this is not such a bad time to do this, after all, there aren’t necessary to many prospects for you this month or any new challenge so if you would be at your top game you would still consider this boring as hell.

It is a good period to settle down and be with those you love so at least try not to be selfish and share those entertainment and relaxation means with those around.

The tense areas

Starting the fifth you will ease into the slow motion we just talked about and even work demands seem to adapt to you, or at least you are not feeling them as pressuring as you used to. Regardless of your mood, some small association with a colleague might do you good, not to dump all the workload on them but to friendly collaborate on some matters.

So don’t be grumpy when it comes to that and take all the advantage you can. On the other hand, you seem to consolidate some of your own self confidence issues and despite not doing too much work for you to be proud of, you tend to feel good about yourself and take things easier.

Around the 10th, some tense moments might drag you out of the zone you’ve been hiding in but it is only temporary, perhaps some legal or financial troubles and maybe a deadline you need to meet.  The main error you can make at this point is count on someone else to help you out and then not check what they did.

Don’t trust anyone at this point, not necessarily because you need to doubt their good intentions but more like because everyone is prone to making mistakes. However, don’t fall in the extreme of being overly picky, either.

What is hidden there

Venus and Jupiter seem to be playing around, making you a lot more interested in passionate endeavors than you usually are. This is a good time for you and your partner as it seems there’s this air of intimacy and empathy surrounding you.

Although you might feel as if you can talk freely, there are still things impeding you, perhaps at a subconscious level. This might not come in discussion otherwise, but it seems that you are so connected to your partner these days that they start feeling this about you and there is no easy way to escape it.

You tend to sabotage yourself by postponing certain practical activities and it will only get more and more difficult if you don’t take measures now. You can leave something one day for another but try not to put weeks between activities, especially if we are talking about repairs around the house or similar fixings.

What a comparison

Around the 25th, material position will come once again in the spotlight, either because you are behaving in a bitter manner because of other people or because, regardless of what others are having, you feel like you are missing out on a lot more than you are actually missing out on.

Remember it is all a matter of perception and of how you interpret things. There is no need to compare yourself with others.

If you compare with people you consider above yourself then why don’t you compare yourself with people less fortunate than you. There is always a double standard. If you lack something, than devise a way to get it.

Things to an end

The end of the month will prove very difficult for you in terms of relationships with authority. This means that either things are stressing you out at work and don’t really know how to interact with your superiors or that you are having some troubles explaining yourself to someone you look up to.

Depending on personal circumstances, this might be related to you having to give some explanations about what you did this month and maybe, although you probably had your fair deal of fun, maybe you are feeling somewhat guilty for not doing more work or for not being as involved. This will only make matters worse because every weakness sign from you will somewhat used against you.

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